Pumper Nic

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Pumper Nic
Industry Restaurant
Fate Bankruptcy
Founded 1974
Defunct 1999
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Products Hamburgers
French fries
Soft Drinks

Pumper Nic (or just Pumper) was a popular chain of fast-food restaurants in Argentina during the 1980s. It is currently considered by many Argentines to be a cult classic. Its name is derived from the German pumpernickel, a type of bread. The signature sandwich was the Mobur, a sandwich with an egg in between.


Pumper Nic was founded by Tito Lowenstein in 1974, also an ex-owner of Quickfood, founder of the renowned Argentine beef hamburger supplier, "Paty", and the "Las Leñas" tourist complex in Argentina.

Pumper Nic's name and logo was a based upon Burger King's, before the latter began operating in Argentina. When Burger King and McDonald's started business in Argentina, Pumper had to change its logo due to a lawsuit by Burger King and started losing money, eventually going bankrupt. Pumper Nic became defunct in 1999.

The franchise had a mascot, a green hippo called "NIC".

"NIC" the Hippo


One of their famous menu items was Dos por uno − two burgers for the price of one. French fries were called Frenys.[1] Names of other Pumper Nic sandwiches include: Mobur, Jaque (JAmon y QUEso, ham and cheese) and Jaque'H.


Their most famous tagline was "Pumper Nic, the new way of dining" (La nueva forma de comer)

In popular culture[edit]

Nic the hippo, is featured among the animals that escape from the Los Angeles Zoo during an earthquake that hits Los Angeles in the short animated Oscar-winning film Logorama (2009).

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