Pure (Dream song)

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Single by Dream
from the album Dear...
Released July 4, 2004
Format CD single
Genre J-pop
Label Avex Trax
Writer(s) Nagayama Kozo
Producer(s) Nagayama Kozo, Sin
Dream singles chronology
"Identity: Prologue"
"Love Generation"

Pure is the 17th is single by Dream. First pressings included one of four stickers, each featuring a different group member; stickers for the rest of the dream's members were included released the following week. It is their first release as a 7-member group. Their covers are nearly identical, save for 7 photo-manipulated differences (most of them minor, like a flipped 'W' becoming an 'M'). PVs, consisting of concert footage from dream party 2, and differing only in the inclusion of additional shots for Love Generation (the longer song), were aired, but neither was released for sale.


  • Pure (Original)
  • Pure (instrumental)

Song information[edit]

  • Nagayama Kozo (Lyrics)
  • Sin (Arrangement and Music)

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