Puripanda Appala Swamy

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Puripanda Appalaswamy
Born 13 November 1904
Salur, Vizianagaram district
Died 18 November 1982(1982-11-18) (aged 78)
Occupation writer, journalist

Puripanda Appala Swamy (1904–1982), also spelled Appalaswamy, was a linguist, writer, translator, journalist and editor.[1]

Early life[edit]

He was born in Salur, Vizianagaram district on 13 November 1904. After primary education, he learned Telugu, Sanskrit and many other languages including Oriya, Hindi, Bengali and English.


He actively participated in Indian Freedom Movement particularly Non-cooperative movement, Harijan upliftment and Khadi Prachar movement. He worked as organizer in All India Charaka Sangham at Visakhapatnam.

He has distinguished skill in the field of journalism. He has worked as associate editor for 'Swasakti', a national newspaper. He used to write articles for 12 years in Andhra Patrika as freelance journalist. He has organized 'Satyavani' magazine with very informative editorials. He published 'Vaisakhi', a monthly magazine with a praise from literary populace.

The credit of discovering the Mahakavi Sri Sri should go to Puripanda, who identified him at young age and published his poems in his own journal. Puripanda was his friend, phylosopher and guide as long as he lived. He took him to London and got his voice and handwriting recorded and published by Gutala Krishnamurthy. Sri Sri reciprocated this by translating the poems of Puripanda into English and remained his lifelong friend and admirer.[2]

He was actively involved in the Library Movement in Andhra Pradesh. He has developed libraries in Sriramavaram, Parvathipuram and established a library in Marakam. He was life member of Andhra Pradesh Library Society.

He was president of Visakha Writers Association and member of Andhra Pradesh Lalit Kala Akademi and Sahitya Akademi. He was awarded Kalaprapoorna by Andhra University in 1973 for his contributions to Indian literature.


He died on 18 November 1982.


His statue was erected in Visakhapatnam on the beach road. Brief biographic book was written by Dwana Sastry and Bandi Satyanarayana and released on the occasion.[3]

Literary works[edit]

  • Mahabharatam
  • Sridevi Bhagavatam
  • Srimadbhagavatam (1979)[4]
  • Valmiki Ramayanam
  • Oriya Sahitya Caritra
  • Historyof Bengali Literature
  • Ratna Patakam
  • Mohammad Charitra
  • Soudamini
  • Oriya Songs
  • Jagadguru Shankaracharya
  • Vishwa Kala Veedhi
  • Hangary Viplavam
  • Amrutha Santanam (translation)
  • Matti Manushulu (translation)


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