Axiom Materials Inc

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Axiom Materials Inc.
IndustryAerospace / Advanced Materials
FounderJohn D. Lincoln
United States
Key people
John D. Lincoln, Ph.D. (President and CEO)
Number of employees
125 (2019)

Axiom Materials Inc. is a Santa Ana-based company working primarily in aerospace products including development and manufacture of advanced composite materials.[1][2][3]


Axiom Materials Inc was founded in 2009 by John D. Lincoln; a chemist and materials engineer who is also the President and CEO of the company.[4] The company was acquired in early 2019 by its technical partner and supplier, Kordsa.[5][6][7][8]

The company innovates mainly in prepregs, adhesives, and ancillary composite products. Axiom Materials is known for its specialization in oxide-oxide ceramic matrix composites, as well as other polymer-based composite products for aerospace, including those for aircraft interiors and primary and secondary aircraft structure. Axiom Materials supplies products and engineering solutions both military and commercial aerospace segments, as well as to non-aerospace applications such as auto racing, medical, and sporting goods.[9][10][11][12]

After the acquisition, the Axiom Materials has continued to operate in its field. Back in 2016, the company had formed a partnership with the private equity firm, Sorenson Capital, which invested in its growth.[13] However, Sorenson would no longer remain as the investor after an acquisition by Kordsa.[14][15][16]


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