Qallunaat Island

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Aerial view of Qallunaat Island
Qallunaat is located in Greenland
Location Greenland
Coordinates 73°35′N 56°24′W / 73.583°N 56.400°W / 73.583; -56.400Coordinates: 73°35′N 56°24′W / 73.583°N 56.400°W / 73.583; -56.400
Archipelago Upernavik Archipelago
Municipality Qaasuitsup

Qallunaat Island (old spelling: Qavdlunât) is an uninhabited island in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland.


Qallunaat Island was briefly inhabited between 1898, when the Sarfaq settlement was founded, and 1919, when it was abandoned.[1] Sarfaq was perched on the low-lying northern end of the island, at the shores of Kangerlussuaq Icefjord.[2]


Qallunaat Island is located in Tasiusaq Bay, in the north-central part of Upernavik Archipelago. It is separated from Tuttorqortooq Island by the Qaqqakassaup Ikerasaa strait in the north, from the mainland of Greenland by the Kangerlussuaq Icefjord in the northeast, and by channels of Tasiusaq Bay from Nuuluk Island in the east, Nutaarmiut Island in the south, and Mattaangassut Island in the west.[2]

The island is hilly in its southern part, falling to the sea with red, silver, and light-colored cliffs. At 340 m (1,120 ft), Inngik is the highest mountain on the island, located in the western part of the island.[2]


The coastline of the island is developed, with many inlets indenting the coastline, particularly in its northern part.[2]


Name Direction Latitude N Longitude W
(none) Northern Cape 73°39′44″ 56°16′32″
Inussukassat Eastern Cape 73°37′29″ 56°09′50″
Ikerasaassuup Akia Southern Cape 73°32′26″ 56°23′20″
Naajamiut Nuuat Southwestern Cape 73°33′09″ 56°31′40″
Inngiup Nuua Western Cape 73°34′46″ 56°31′10″
Qallunaat Island
The former settlement of Ikerasaarsuk and Qallunaat Island behind


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