Qeqertarsuaq (Herbert Island)

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Herbert Island
Native name: Qeqertarsuaq
Herbert Island is located in Greenland
Herbert Island
Herbert Island
Location Baffin Bay, Greenland
Coordinates 77°25′52″N 70°41′47″W / 77.43111°N 70.69639°W / 77.43111; -70.69639Coordinates: 77°25′52″N 70°41′47″W / 77.43111°N 70.69639°W / 77.43111; -70.69639
Municipality Qaasuitsup
Population uninhabited

Qeqertarsuaq or Herbert Island is an island in Baffin Bay near Qaanaaq in the Qaasuitsup municipality, NW Greenland.[1] Qeqertarsuaq is also the name of an abandoned fishing village on the island. The island has an area of 223 km2.

Qeqertarsuaq (meaning "Large Island") is the name of several islands in Greenland. The island in Upernavik district should not be confused with the much larger island Qeqertarsuaq, better known as Disko Island, or the slightly larger Qeqertarsuaq (Upernavik) in the Qaasuitsup municipality.


Herbert Island and is part of a small group formed by Northumberland Island, Hakluyt Island and Herbert Island. The latter is the easternmost of the group.[2]

19th century map with Herbert Island, Whale Sound and Inglefield Gulf.

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