Quanzhou Normal University

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Quanzhou Normal University
Former names
Quanzhou Normal College
Motto 善学如泉 正心至大
Motto in English
Perfect education in Quanzhou with strong mind and heart.
Type Public
Established 1958
President Huang Zijie
Location Quanzhou, Fujian,  People's Republic of China
Campus Urban 1200 Mu
Website www.qztc.edu.cn

Quanzhou Normal University (simplified Chinese: 泉州师范学院; traditional Chinese: 泉州師範學院; pinyin: Quánzhōu Shīfàn Xuéyuàn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chôan-chiu-su-hōan-tāi-ha̍k) is a public university located in Quanzhou, Fujian province, People's Republic of China.


The university was established in 1958. It was formerly known as Quanzhou Normal College.[1]


Quanzhou Normal University has three campuses. They are Chongfu Campus, Donghai Campus and Shishan Campus. Chongfu Campus is at the base of southern Qingyuan Mountain. Donghai Campus situated at the crossing of Jinjiang River and Luoyangjiang River. Shishan Campus is near the famous Gaogai Mount towards the south and Pengfeng to the north. It is in Nan'an city.[1]

Quanzhou Normal University has total enrollment of over 10,000 students and offers almost 100 programs of study in nine schools. The total university staff is over 1000 with a teaching team of 600 including 180 professors and associate professors. The school occupies a space of 1300 Mu (over 86 hectares). The library has contained more than one million books and reference materials and 800,000 specialised books.[2]

University structure[edit]

This is the structure of the schools and departments at Quanzhou Normal University.[1]

Schools Departments
School of Humanities Chinese Department
Department of Law and Political Science
Department of History & Sociology
Department of Journalism
Marxism & Leninism Teaching Section
School of Science Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of Computer Science
Department of Information and Economic Mathematics
Department of General Science
School of Resources and Environmental Sciences Department of Chemistry
Department of Geography
Department of Biology
School of Foreign Languages Department of English
Department of College English
Department of International English
School of Business and Information Technology Department of Economics
Department of Management
Department of E-Commerce
School of Arts Department of Music
Department of Fine Arts
Department of Nanyin
General Arts Teaching
School of Educational Science Department of Elementary Education & Special Education
Department of Modern Education Technology
Pre-school Education Department
Section of Curriculum and Teaching Methodology
Teaching Section of pedagogy and Psychology
School of Advanced Professional Education Teaching Section of Arts
Teaching Section of Science
School of Further Education Carder training Centre
Teachers' Training Centre
Adult Education Centre
Physical Education and Teaching Physical Education Teaching Section


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