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Queensland Brewery in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, 1908

Queensland Brewery Ltd was a company that operated a brewery in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Advertisement for Bulimba Gold Top beer, 1933
Queensland Brewery premises on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, circa 1920
Parade of military vehicles with the new headquarters in the background, July 1942

Originally, the brewery was based at Bulimba (now known as Teneriffe) on the western bank of the Bulimba Reach of the Brisbane River and was known as the Eagle Brewery. In May 1883, Messrs Tooth and Company sold the Eagle Brewery and Sugar Refinery to Mr Huesman and partners for £15,500.[1][2]

In August 1884 at the Brisbane Exhibition, the Queensland Brewing Company Limited won prizes for its draught malt ale, draught XXX ale, draught porter, bottled malt ale and bottled porter.[3]

The Queensland Brewery Ltd company appeared to be established in 1888 (its 25th annual report being released in 1913).[4] At some point, it was renamed Queensland Brewery. In 1901, it was producing draught beer as well as two bottled beers known as "Silver top" and "Gold top".[5]

In 1906, it relocated to Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley (a landmark observed by motorists as they entered the Story Bridge from the northside).[6]

In the early 1940s, the company built a new headquarters and wine and spirit store at 501 Ann Street in Fortitude Valley.[7] Designed in the Functionalist style with Art Deco motifs, the Queensland Brewery Company Building is now listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.[8]

In 1961, the company was taken over by Carlton & United Breweries in 1961. In 1993 the brewery was relocated to Yatala in 1993.[6]

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Coordinates: 27°27′39″S 153°02′12″E / 27.46088°S 153.03677°E / -27.46088; 153.03677 (Fortitude Valley brewery)