Qufu Normal University

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Qufu Normal University
Qufu university logo.jpg
Motto in English
Insatiable in learning, tireless in teaching
PresidentQi Wanxue (戚万学)[2][3]
Vice-presidentKang Shumin(康淑敏)
Academic staff
Location, ,
NicknameQushida (曲师大)

Qufu Normal University (simplified Chinese: 曲阜师范大学; traditional Chinese: 曲阜師範大學; pinyin: Qūfù Shīfàn Dàxué) is a public university located in the cities of Qufu, which is the ancient home of Confucius, and in Rizhao, Shandong province, China. Its focal points include studies of history, calligraphy, law, management, chemistry, physics and the general education of teachers.


The history of the university dates to 1955, when Shandong Teachers College (山东师范专科学校) was founded in Jinan. In September,1956 the institution moved to Qufu, renaming itself Qufu Teachers College (曲阜师范学院). In 1970 it was absorbed into Shandong University and, after four years, the college became was again revived as Qufu Teachers College. The current name was adopted along with the university status in 1985. The Rizhao Campus was founded in 2002.[4][5]


The faculties are split between the two campuses, with both having a share in both social and technical sciences. Western languages are taught in Qufu, while Rizhao hosts the Asian languages, with English majors available at both locations. The university offers 5 first level and 31 second level doctoral programs, 22 first level and 115 second level master programs and 84 undergraduate programs including arts, science and engineering and law. There are 28 colleges or departments.

The university covers 3061 acres, the total assets is 1.312 billion yuan, of which teaching and research equipment worth 239 million yuan.

Faculties in Qufu[edit]

Faculties in Rizhao[edit]


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