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Quick Off The Mark Productions
Private company limited by shares
IndustryMotion pictures
Television production
Founded9 October 2009 (2009-10-09)
FoundersMark D. Ferguson
Chris Quick
Defunct7 June 2016 (2016-06-07)
HeadquartersGlasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
ProductsMotion pictures
Television Production
WebsiteCompany Website

Quick Off The Mark Productions was a film & television production company operating in Glasgow, Scotland from 9 October 2009 to 7 June 2016. It was possibly best known for the films In Search of La Che[1] and The Greyness of Autumn.[2]


Quick Off The Mark Productions was formed on 9 October 2009 by Mark D. Ferguson and Chris Quick. Its first main project was Butter Side Down a claymation series about a mans campaign to save the traditional light bulb from extinction. In 2010 work began on their first feature film In Search of La Che, a mockumentary which followed John Tavish (Played by Duncan Airlie James) and his quest to track down fictional rock star Roxy La Che.[3] The film premiered at the Glasgow Film Theatre[4] on 9 November 2011 and was later selected to appear at the 2014 American Online Film Awards. In 2013, the company made the headlines on CNN following the death of Margaret Thatcher. The news channel, which was discussing portrayals of the former Prime Minister in film, spoke of Steve Nallon's performance from In Search Of La Che, in which Thatcher plays a part in the life story of fictional rock star, Roxy La Che.[5][6]

The company was involved in the filming of a wide variety of live kickboxing, wrestling and MMA shows in and around Glasgow. In particular, Quick Off The Mark Productions was responsible for the coverage of every show of the Katana Fighting Series which was run by Duncan Airlie James.[7] The shows which ran from 2010 to 2013 were often refereed by John Blackledge and attracted guest appearances from former fighters including Ernesto Hoost.[8]

Mark D. Ferguson and Chris Quick on set together for the last time shooting the teaser tailer for Autumn Never Dies.

In 2012, the company produced a behind the scenes documentary in association with the Burns Museum in Ayr about the services run by the local charity Recovery Ayr and its upcoming custom pantomime Tam O'Shanter: The Mornin Eftir. In the same year, Quick Off The Mark Productions released the short film The Greyness of Autumn which went on to feature in a number of festivals including the Portobello Film Festival in London and the People of Passion Film Festival in Australia where the film picked up the Best Short Comedy accolade. In 2014, the company, in association with Futurist Film Ltd produced the short family film Minion Vs Minion for Vue Cinemas.[9]

On 12 December 2014 the company's website confirmed that writing had begun on a possible sequel to The Greyness of Autumn entitled Autumn Never Dies.[10] A crowd funding campaign was launched on Kickstarter on 17 August 2015 to raise funds for the production and lasted for 30 days.[11] The campaign successfully raised £1,505 from 44 backers including former Gamesmaster host Dominik Diamond.[12]


Farewell logo posted across social media when the company closed.

On 14 October 2015, Quick Off The Mark Productions announced that director Mark D. Ferguson was moving to Canada and that the company would be disbannded in the new year.[13] Filming responsibilities for Autumn Never Dies were handed over to Pentagram Productions UK and Suited Caribou Media. After 6 years, 4 months and 10 days, the company ceased trading on 19 February 2016[14] and was formally dissolved by Companies House on 7 June 2016.[15] The company's logo was changed on the final day to the running man relaxing in a chair with a glass of wine with his film reel lying on the floor. Underneath the logo it read:

"Cheers for the years, 2009 - 2016."[16]


Year Title Director Genre Screenings Notes
2016 Autumn Never Dies Chris Quick Comedy
Short Film
Sequel to The Greyness of Autumn
2014 Agley Mark D. Ferguson Drama Short Film
2014 Minion Vs Minion Chris Quick Family Collaboration Project with Futurist Film Ltd
Short Film
2012 The Greyness of Autumn Chris Quick Comedy
Short Film
2012 Mr Cheval Mark D. Ferguson Comedy Short Film
2012 And Then The Dark Gary Caldwell Horror Post Production Only
Collaboration Project with Tenebrous Films
Short Film
2011 In Search Of La Che Mark D. Ferguson Mockumentary Feature Film
2011 The Tragic Meltdown of Pussy Ralph Stu Russell Drama Short Film
2010 Butter Side Down Keith Hennessy Family Collaboration Project with Bulby TV
Short Film


Year Nominated Work Awards Category Result
2013 The Greyness of Autumn British Filmmakers Alliance Best British Film of the Month[28] Won
2015 People of Passion Film Festival Best Short Comedy Film Won

Other Productions[edit]

Year Title Notes
2014 No Blood No Sympathy Live Event - Wrestling
2014 The Main Stay Trust Corporate Documentary
2014 Maximum Impact 2014 Live Event - Wrestling
2014 All That Malarkey: Live at House for An Art Lover Live Event - Music
2014 British Championship Wrestling: Live in Kilmarnock Live Event - Wrestling
2013 Katana Contenders 2 Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2013 Maximum Impact 2013 Live Event - Wrestling
2013 Katana Contenders Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2013 Katana 8 'Supernova' Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2013 Breaking Limits 8' Live Event - Wrestling
2013 Katana 7 'Apocalypse' Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2013 The Making of 'Tam O' Shanter - The Mornin Eftir Corporate Documentary
2012 No Blood No Sympathy 10 Live Event - Wrestling
2012 Maximum Impact 2012' Live Event - Wrestling
2012 Katana 6 "Rebellion" Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2012 Ardrossan Highland Games" Live Event - Sport
2012 Katana 5 "Rising Sun Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2011 The Marie Trust Corporate Documentary
2011 Katana 4 "Bushido" Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2011 Katana 3 "Warriors" Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2011 Katana 2 "No Mercy" Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing
2010 Katana 1 Live Event - K-1 Kickboxing

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