Quintus Hedius Rufus Lollianus Gentianus

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Quintus Hedius Rufus Lollianus Gentianus (fl. 2nd century) was a Roman military officer and senator who was appointed consul suffectus in around AD 186-188.


Rufus Lollianus was a member of the gens Hedia Lolliana which probably originated from the region of Liguria, and which had achieved Patrician status by the time that he began his career.[1] He was the son of Lucius (Hedius Rufus) Lollianus Avitus, who was elected consul ordinarius in AD 144. He himself began his career as a Military tribune of the Legio VII Gemina. A successful imperial candidate for both the offices of Quaestor and Praetor, he was eventually promoted to the rank of Legatus legionis in the Legio XXII Primigenia at Moguntiacum around the year AD 184. It is speculated that it was during this time that Rufus Lollianus formed a working relationship with the future emperor Septimius Severus, who was the governor of Gallia Lugdunensis.

He was appointed consul suffectus in around AD 186-188, after which Rufus Lollianus may have been the curator rei publicae Puteolanorum et Veliternorum. Possibly from AD 189-192, he was the Legatus Augusti pro praetore (or imperial governor) of Hispania Citerior. Between AD 194 and 197, Rufus Lollianus was the Comes (or companion) to the emperors Septimius Severus and Caracalla on three occasions. It is speculated that he accompanied Septimius Severus as comes on his campaigns against Pescennius Niger, the first Parthian War of 194, and the war against Clodius Albinus.[2]

From AD 197-198 Rufus Lollianus was appointed censitor of Gallia Lugdunensis, following which me have been the censitor of Hispania Citerior, from 198-199. Finally, he was appointed the Proconsular governor of Asia, which he probably held in AD 201/2.[3]

Rufus Lollianus was probably a patronus of the emperor Pertinax, who was mentioned in the Historia Augusta as having criticized Pertinax for breaking a promise.[4] At some point in his career was he was a Triumvir Monetalis.


Rufus Lollianus was married and had at least five children:


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