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Róza Csillag by Eduard Kaiser

Róza Csillag (also Rosa Herrmann-Csillag; 23 October 1832 – 20 February 1892), was an Austro-Hungarian mezzo-soprano opera singer.

She was born in the Jewish community of Irsa, now in Hungary, and her father was Moritz Goldstein, a hazzan of Irsa. She attracted much attention in the chorus of the Hungarian National Theatre at Budapest.

Trained by Professor Proch, she made her first appearance in 1858 as Fidès in Meyerbeer's Le prophète, in the court opera-house of Vienna, where she delighted her audiences with her beautiful mezzo-soprano voice.

Until 1873, Csillag belonged to the cast of the Vienna Royal Opera House, and was a general favorite. On her tours also she met with much success.

She married the celebrated prestidigitator and magician Carl "Compars" Hermann in 1852. The opera singer and actress Blanche Correlli was their daughter.

When her voice was beginning to deteriorate, she became a singing teacher at the Vienna Conservatoire. She died in Vienna.

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