Rørvik Church

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Rørvik Church
Rørvik kirke
Rørvik kirke.jpg
View of the church
Rørvik Church is located in Nord-Trøndelag
Rørvik Church
Rørvik Church
Location in Nord-Trøndelag
Rørvik Church is located in Norway
Rørvik Church
Rørvik Church
Location in Nord-Trøndelag
Coordinates: 64°51′46″N 11°14′06″E / 64.8627°N 11.2350°E / 64.8627; 11.2350
Location Vikna, Nord-Trøndelag
Country Norway
Denomination Church of Norway
Churchmanship Evangelical Lutheran
Consecrated 27 October 1896
Status Parish church
Functional status Active
Architect(s) Ole Scheistrøen and Arne Sjølvik
Completed 1896
Capacity 200
Materials Wood
Parish Vikna
Deanery Namdal
Diocese Diocese of Nidaros

Rørvik Church (Norwegian: Rørvik kirke) was a parish church in the municipality of Vikna in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located in the village of Rørvik on the island of Inner-Vikna. The church is part of the Vikna parish in the Namdal deanery in the Diocese of Nidaros. The white wooden church building was constructed in 1896 and it seated about 200 people.[1][2]


The Rørvik Church in August 2013. The fire damage is still visible.

The church was built in 1896 after the people of Rørvik asked for a church in their village since the nearest church, Garstad Church was 20-kilometre (12 mi) long boat trip away. The government agreed and it was built. The new church was onsecrated on 27 October 1896 by Bishop Johannes Skaar.

On 1 May 1940, during World War II, a bomb was dropped on the hill between the church and the road Johan Bergs gate. The church was so badly damaged that it could not be used without a thorough repair. The church was then rebuilt, but to save money and time, a somewhat simpler design was chosen rather than replicating the original.[3] It was restored in 1973 and 2006-2007.[4]

In February 2013, the church was damaged by fire, but survived. The altar piece was brought to safety during the firefighting.[4] The church was later demolished in preparation for construction of a new church building.

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