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Te Rāwhiti is a small beachfront town about 27 km from Russell in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand, and is a holiday haven with beautiful beaches, spectacular views, sailing, fishing and water sports. Most of the land in the area is owned by Māori. There are two marae — Kaingahoa and Te Rāwhiti.


Rāwhiti was home to the Ngāre Raumati iwi prior to 1826, when elements of the Ngāpuhi iwi raided the eastern regions of the Bay of Islands, defeating them and taking their lands by conquest. This was in retaliation for a raid on Okuratope pā at Waimate North by the Ngāre Raumati in 1800, where the chief Te Maoi's wife, Te Auparo, and their daughter, Te Karehu, were murdered and eaten. (Sissons, Wi Hongi & Hohepa, 2001).

Rāwhiti is now home to the descendants of a number of former Ngāpuhi war chiefs including brothers Rewa and Moka 'Kainga-mataa'. Their older brother Te Wharerahi chose to reside nearby at Paroa Bay. These three brothers formed the Patukeha (killing in a turnip garden) hapū in memory of their slain mother, Te Auparo.

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