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No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Original release2017 – present
Related showsTanis, The Black Tapes

Rabbits is a pseudo-documentary podcast from producer and writer Terry Miles. In the show, narrator Carly Parker searches for her missing friend Yumiko "Miko" Takata and finds herself in the midst of a decades-old alternate reality game known as Rabbits or simply "The Game." A main feature of Rabbits is the use of pop culture references, especially to classic video games like Defender and Space Ace.

A second season was announced and its funding was attempted on Kickstarter, but it did not reach its goal.[1] There has been no word from the creators on whether this means a second season will be made or not.

A novel set in the Rabbits universe and written by Miles is forthcoming and is scheduled to release on June 8, 2021. The book's storyline will focus on "K," a fan who is obsessed with the ARG. He is approached by Alan Scarpio, who reportedly won the sixth round of Rabbits and wants K's help to fix the game, which he claims is corrupted and must be fixed before the eleventh round begins or the world is in danger.[2]


Season 1[edit]

Episode Title[3] Release date[3] Production code[3]
1 "Game On" February 28, 2017 101
2 "Concernicus Jones" March 14, 2017 102
3 "Marigold and Persephone" March 28, 2017 103
4 "Doglover in Hell" April 11, 2017 104
5 "Priesthood One" April 25, 2017 105
6 "Strange Attractors" May 9, 2017 106
7 "Arcadia" May 23, 2017 107
8 "Elysian Drift" June 5, 2017 108
9 "Hazel" June 20, 2017 109
10 "The Future We Deserve" July 4, 2017 110


Time listed Rabbits as one of "The 50 Best Podcasts Right Now," saying it is perfect for "people nostalgic for that moment when we couldn't tell if The Blair Witch Project was real or not."[4] USA Today chose Rabbits as their "Podcast Pick" of the week because part of its fun is that "it feels like it almost could be true."[5] Vox chose Rabbits for a list of "podcasts to get you in the Halloween spirit" because of its "well-acted blend of urban legends, weird fiction, and your average creepypasta."[6] Neil Patrick Harris called Rabbits "addictive."[7]

Wil Williams criticized Rabbits for its writing, acting, and production, along with the other Pacific Northwest Stories podcasts Tanis and The Black Tapes, as well as its pacing and advertising ("How am I, the listener, supposed to feel suspense or concern in an intense plot moment when the host stops her narration to talk about Nature Box?").[8] Lucia Peters criticized the first episode's writing for relying too heavily on exposition.[9]


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