Racing de Sama

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Racing de Sama
Full name Racing Club Langreano de Sama
Founded 1915 (2006, team refounded)
Dissolved 1961 (2009, team refounded)
Ground Sama, Langreo,
Asturias, Spain
Ground Capacity 1,500

Racing Club Langreano de Sama, more commonly known as Racing de Sama or Club Langreano, was a Spanish football club based in the parish of Sama , Langreo, Asturias. Founded in 1915, it held home matches at Torre de los Reyes, with a 1,500 capacity.


Racing de Sama was founded in 1915. In 1939, due to a temporary law forbidding the use of foreign words in football club names, changed its name to Club Langreano de Sama. This denomination was used until 1961, when the club merged with CP La Felguera for creating UP Langreo.

The club was refounded in 2006, but it only played three seasons before a new dissolution in 2009.[1]


Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1940/41 3rd 1st
1943/44 3rd 8th
1944/45 3rd 10th
1945/46 3rd 9th
1946/47 3rd 10th
1947/48 3rd 12th
1949/50 3rd 10th
1950/51 3rd 8th
1951/52 3rd 12th
1952/53 3rd 10th
1953/54 3rd 11th
1954/55 3rd 1st
1955/56 3rd 1st
1956/57 3rd 2nd
1957/58 3rd 2nd
1958/59 3rd 3rd
1959/60 3rd 5th
1960/61 3rd 3rd
Team refounded
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
2006/07 7 2ª Reg. 1st
2007/08 6 1ª Reg. 1st
2008/09 5 Reg. Pref. 6th


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