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Radio Choklate 10th Anniversary Logo.jpg
On the occasion of Radio Choklate 104 FM (Odisha's no.1 FM station), completing 10 years, this logo was created to commemorate the event.
Broadcast area Odisha, India
Slogan Dhum Mitha
Language(s) Odia
Owner Sambad Group (Eastern Media Limited)

Radio Choklate 104 FM is Odisha’s no.1 radio channel launched and is a part of the Sambad Group (Eastern Media Limited). Radio Choklate provides service in Odisha, predominantly in the regional language Odia, along with Hindi and English. It airs Odia and Hindi music, covers local news, popular trends and stories that cater to the human interest.

It was launched on the 4th of May 2007 and has completed 10 years of serving people with wholesome entertainment.


Radio Choklate is broadcast from Cuttack and Rourkela stations in Odisha at 104 FM frequency and live streamed via Radio Choklate Online (


Daily shows are listed below:

1. Stotra: Early morning show consisting of shlokas, aired at 4 am

2. Punya Ra Nadi Tire: Devotional show presented by RJ Arjya, aired at 5 am

3. Sakaala Ra Pahili Gaadi Re: Morning show hosted by RJ Komal that gives out updates on weather, fashion, special occsions, festivals, traffic, etc, aired at 7 am

4. Baata Chaada, Anil Aasuchi: Mid-morning show anchored by RJ Anil that includes chit-chat with people from various walks of life, aired at 10 am

5. Diary of a Housewife: Monologue of an housewife, aired at 12 noon

6. Sei Jhuma Jhuma Golaapi Bela Re: Anecdotes, stories, history, trivia of Ollywood and sometimes, Bollywood presented by RJ Niel, aired at 1 pm

7. Tuma Paeen Gita Tiye: Listeners request RJ Madhu to play their songs, aired at 3 pm

8. Choklate Countdown: RJs Komal & Anil present the top 20 songs of the day, aired at 5 pm

9. Kintu, Kemiti, Kaahinki: RJ Subrat, aired at 7 pm

10. Choklate Top 10: Focuses on ten trending news stories of the day, at 9 pm

11. Prema Ra Formula: All about love and relationships with RJ Renuka, aired at 10 pm

12. Sahara Ra Bati Sabu Libhi Gala Pare: RJ Niel talks to listerners with unexpressed feeling and repressed thoughts, who contact us via Whatsapp, aired at 1 am

Weekend special shows are as follows:

1. Kalamandir Geetmala: Aired every Fridat at 8 pm

2. Mu Tate Bhala Paaye Ete: Love stories of celebrities from Bollywood and sometimes Ollywood as narrated by RJ Sangram, aired every Saturday 11 pm

3. Bhaya: Horror show, aired every Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm

4. Asaadhaarana: Talk show hosted by RJ Sangram, in conversation with individuals with an indomitable spirit, aired every Sunday at 8 am

5. Baabuna: Aired every Sunday at 3 pm

6. Rangamancha: Enactments and plays on various social issues, aired every Sunday at 9 pm

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