Rafflesia (band)

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Rafflesia (band)
Origin Zeebrugge, Belgium
Genres Metalcore, death metal, hardcore punk
Years active 2005 - present
Labels Genet Records
Website www.myspace.com/rafflesiametalcore
Members Bart Teetaert - Vocals
Lazar Zec - Guitar
Christian Charles Borny - Guitar
Nick Vyvey - Bass
Nick Dapper - Drums
Past members Maxime Aneca - Guitar
Jeremy De Schrijver - Bass
Koen De Croo - Bass

Raffelesia is a Belgian metalcore band from Zeebrugge, formed in 2005 as part of the H8000 scene. Their style has also been described as death metal and hardcore punk.[citation needed]


In 2005, Bart Teetaert, Lazer Zec, Maxime Aneca, Nick Dapper and Jeremy de Schrijver formed the band. A few months later they performed at their first concert and quickly racked up a number of fans. Genet Records noticed this and signed them a record deal.

In May 2006, Raffelesia released their self-titled mini-cd containing 5 songs. Short after the mini-cd got released, Maxime Aneca got replaced by Christian Charles Borny (a.k.a. CCB). This change in the line-up caused more melody in their songs. In February 2007 Raffelesia travelled to Germany to record their first full cd named The Rape of Harmonies Studio with Ralf Müller and Alexander Dietz; respectively producer and guitar player from Heaven Shall Burn.

In May 2007 they released their album named Embrace the final day. The band subsequently played with such bands as Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon, Caliban, Sepultura, Aborted, Cro-Mags, Bleeding Through and Parkway Drive. During their tour the bassist Jeremy de Schrijver split from the band. He got temporarily replaced by Koen de Croo from Suburbia in Ruins, but he was soon replaced permantly by Nick Vyvey, who featured before in Omerta.

In June 2010, Raffelesia released their newest album titled In the face of suffering.


Raffelesia (2006)[edit]

  1. Driven By Fire
  2. Suffocation Of The World
  3. Abstract Divinity
  4. 13 Hours
  5. Last Words

Embrace the Final Day (2007)[edit]

  1. Annihilation
  2. A Time Of Deceit
  3. Perfidy
  4. The Beauty Of Silence
  5. Preludium
  6. Into Bloodshed
  7. This Beast We Created
  8. Box Nr. 8
  9. Sinner's Cross
  10. These Two Rivals

In the Face of Suffering (2010)[edit]

  1. The Dead Tell No Tale
  2. Bow Down
  3. Autopsy Of A Blackened Soul
  4. Axiom
  5. Earth Stands Still
  6. The Tide Of Death
  7. New Dawn Rising
  8. Misery And Pain
  9. Divine Retribution
  10. Unvanquished

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