Rahmat Shah Sail

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Rahmat Shah Sahil
رحمت شاه سائل
Born 1943
Residence Dargai, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Nationality pakistani
Citizenship pakistan
Known for Pashto Poetry

Rahmat Shah Sail (Pashto: رحمت شاه سائل‎ - born 1943, Wartier) is a prominent Pakistani poet of the Pashto language[1][2][3]

Early life[edit]

Rahmat Shah Sail, son of Amin Gul, was born in the Dargai village of Wartier in Malakand Agency, Pakistan. At the age of five, Sail was admitted to a local primary school; however, he was compelled to leave school after the third grade[1][2] to assist his parents earn a living. He was very interested in reading magazines and newspapers, and after a hard day of labour, he composed poetry to lessen his fatigue.

Academic life[edit]

Sail is the author of several poetry books in Pashto language;

Published books:

  • Da Weer Pa Chum Ka War Da Naghmu - (د وير په چم کې وار د نغمو دی)
  • Da Lumbu pa Soori - (د لمبو په سيوري)
  • Da Khaistoonu Da Sparly Badoona - (د ښايستونو د سپرلي بادونه)
  • Dard Che De Sareeko Sangay Wosparalay - (درد چې د څړيکو څانګې وسپړلې)
  • De weeno Rang Pa Lambo Sanga Khkarey - (د وينو رنګ په لمبو څنګه ښکاري؟)
  • Ta La Tasweer Pa Gulaab Joor Kram Ka Na - (تاله تصوير په ګلاب جوړ کړم که نه)
  • Halaat Che Aor Awrawey - (حالات چې اور اوروي)
  • De Chinaroono Na Lambay Wowatay - (د چينارونو نه لمبې ووتې)
  • Ta Ba Pa Khpal Tasweer Kay Sook Zayaway - (ته به په خپل تصوير کې څوک ځايوي)
  • Za De Khazaan De Panay Panay Sara Worzhabdam - (زه د خزان د پاڼې پاڼې سره ورژېدم)
  • Akhrey Sandara - (آخري سندره)

Work life[edit]

Rahmat Shah Sail spent most of his life working as a tailor in Dargari Bazar. He is currently the chief editor of Pashtun Magazine published by Bacha Khan Centre.


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