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Raid Pyrénéen

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The Raid Pyrénéen is a timed bicycle challenge over a route that traverses the length of the Pyrenees between Hendaye on the Atlantic coast and Cerbère on the Mediterranean, organised by Cyclo Club Béarnais since 1950.



It can be completed in either direction - West to East, which is the most popular, or East to West. Around 300 people complete this "randonnée" each year, between 1 June and 30 September, either entering the event as an individual and riding independently, taking care of their own arrangements, or joining an organised event run by one of the many tour companies, who look after all the arrangements and support the riders - either staying in hotels, or camping.

There are two official versions: a 720 km route to be completed in under 100 hours for randonneurs or a 790 km route to be completed in under 10 days for cycle-tourists. A medal and certificate are awarded on successful completion. Participants enter the event by contacting the CCB and obtaining an official "carnet", which they get stamped at various control points (usually cafés or shops) along the route. There is a modest entry fee, which covers the carnet, the certificate and the medal.



The 10-day route passes over 28 cols:

Location Altitude (m)
Hendaye (Control) 0
Col Saint Ignace 169
Col Pinodeita 176
Col Budincurutcheta 1135
Col Bagargui 1319
Col de Marie-Blanque 1035
Col d'Aubisque 1709
Col du Soulor 1474
Col des Borderes 1156
Col du Tourmalet 2115
Col d'Aspin 1489
Col de Peyresourde 1569
Col du Portillon 1293
Col de Menté 1349
Col de Portet d'Aspet 1069
Col de la Core 1395
Col de la Trappe 1111
Col d'Agnes 1570
Port de Lers 1517
Col de Marmares 1361
Col de Chioula 1431
Col de Pailheres 2001
Col de Moulis 1099
Col de Garabel 1267
Col de Jau 1513
Col de Palomere 1036
Col Xatard 752
Col Fourtou 646
Col Llauro 380

The 100-hour route passes over 18 cols, although riders have the option of adding the Marie Blanque if they wish:

Sequence Location Altitude (m)
1 Hendaye (Control) 0
2 Col Saint Ignace 169
3 Col Pinodeita 176
4 Espelette (Control) 58
5 Col d’ Osquich 500
6 Tardets-Sorholus (Control) 286
7 Col de Marie-Blanque **Optional** 1035
8 Col d'Aubisque (Control) 1709
9 Col du Soulor 1474
10 Col du Tourmalet 2115
11 La Mongie (Control) 1750
12 Col d'Aspin 1489
13 Col de Peyresourde 1569
14 Col des Ares 797
15 Col de Portet d'Aspet 1069
16 St Girons (Control) 392
17 Col de Caougnous 947
18 Col de Port 1249
19 Col de Puymorens 1920
20 Col de Lious 1345
21 Col Rigat 1488
22 Col de la Perche 1570
23 Prades (Control) 354
24 Col Saint Pierre 185
25 Col de Ternére 200
26 Cerbère (Control) 0