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Raimo Aas (born 18 June 1953 in Tallinn[1]) is an Estonian humorist.

Radio career[edit]

For many years, Raimo Aas performed together with Margus Lepa in the Sunday morning radio programme Meelejahutaja.

Performance prohibition[edit]

Aas was subject to a six-month Soviet prohibition of public performance for singing, on the tune of Pust' vsegda budet solnce (Russian for May there always be sunshine; Estonian: Olgu jääv meile päike) lyrics that can be translated as May there always be sunshine, may there always be smoked sausages. The performance was deemed as insulting to Soviet youth.[2]


In 1999, Raimo Aas was awarded the Meie Mats award for lifelong work in humour.[2]