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Raja Badhe Chowk at Dadar, Mumbai

Raja Badhe (Devnagari: राजा बढे) (1912–1977) was a Marathi poet from Maharashtra, India. He first made his name in Nagpur as a poet. Later he moved to Mumbai. He worked for All India Radio for some time.

Badhe produced a film on Shivaji.

Many of Badhe's songs were recorded. When "Prakash Pictures" approached V. D. Savarkar to write songs for their film "Ram-Rajya", he advised them to get them written by Badhe.

He died suddenly in Delhi. He had never married.

A prominent traffic intersection in Mumbai, "Raja Badhe Chowk", is named after him. He was very well remembered for prominent contribution in translation of GATHA SAPTASHATI ( Collection of poems compiled by RAJA HAL SATVAHAN - ANCIENT RULER OF MAHARASHTRA.about 270 BC.

The following are the titles of some songs written by Badhe:

  • Jai Jai Maharashtra Maza, sung by Shahir Sable
  • Hasates Ashi Ka Mani, sung by Lata Mangeshkar
  • Chandane Shimpit Jashi, composed by Hridaynath Mangeshkar
  • Sujan Ho Parisa Ram-katha, a song from film "Ram Rajya" (1943)

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