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Directed byMahesh V. Manjrekar
Written byMahesh Manjrekar
Produced bySunil Shetty
StarringBipasha Basu
Sanjay Dutt
Dino Morea
Sunil Shetty
Amrita Arora
Neha Dhupia
CinematographyVijay Kumar Arora
Music byAnand Raj Anand
Shamir Tandon
Naresh Sharma
Distributed byPopcorn Motion Pictures
AA Films
Release date
  • 3 September 2004 (2004-09-03)
Running time
150 minutes[1]
Budget120 million[2]
Box office84.4 million[2]

Rakht (transl. Blood) is a 2004 Indian supernatural horror film, written and directed by Mahesh V Manjrekar. The film stars Bipasha Basu, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, Dino Morea, Amrita Arora and Neha Dhupia. The film is a remake of 2000 American film The Gift.[3][4] The film released on 3 September 2004, and received mixed to negative reviews from critics, who praised the performances of Basu and Shetty, but criticized the story and screenplay. The film was a major box-office disappointment.[5]


The story is about a young widow named Drishti Nair. She is a psychic and has the gift of seeing into the future of anybody. After her break up with boyfriend Manav who truly loved her but had to move away to a different city, Drishti moves to a small remote village, where she meets Mohit, an eccentric car mechanic who needs psychiatric treatment due to years of abuse at the hands of his father. Mohit has a crush on Drishti, which Drishti is unaware of. She performs the job of Tarot card reading to locals, one of her customers being Rhea Trehan. Rhea is a young woman who is repeatedly beaten up by her husband Sunny. Rhea pleads for help from Drishti, who agrees. However, one day, when Drishti's son comes home from school, he is harassed by Sunny, who calls Drishti a witch and tells her son to stay away from his mother.

Sunny also breaks into their house and threatens Drishti to stay out of Rhea's life. When Mohit investigates that Drishti is being troubled by Sunny, the two enter a violent confrontation. After the brawl, Sunny is seen nowhere near Drishti. Drishti is living happily, until one day, the daughter of Mayor Raja Bahadur Singh, Natasha, suddenly goes missing. Her fiancé Rahul comes to Drishti and asks her for her help to find Natasha. Since Rahul is Drishti's son's school principal, she accepts. Soon enough, Drishti sees a vision of Natasha hung to her death opposite a river. Drishti informs Rahul, and the police finally find Natasha's dead body.

On top of this, it turns out that Sunny owns the river opposite to Natasha's death place. Sunny is then arrested, and the case of Natasha's murder is handed to ACP Ranbir Singh who does not believe in Drishti's gift, and also believes that Sunny is innocent, and the actual murderer is still free. And finally it is known that Rahul is the real murderer. He says he did it to avenge the loss of his dad in the mayoral election and is about to kill Drishti when Mohit knocks him out from behind. Mohit drives . Drishti to the police station where the inspector reveals Rahul accepted his crime but also says that Mohit committed suicide but according to Drishti he is waiting in the car. When she looks outside, Mohit is not there.

In the end, Drishti is finally reunited with Manav.



Soundtrack album by
Released26 June 2004
GenreFeature film soundtrack
Track listing
1."Ishq Bedardi Ishq Bedardi"Deepak SnehNaresh SharmaAlka Yagnik, Anuradha Paudwal5:58
2."Hadd Se Zyaada Sanam"Deepak SnehNaresh SharmaShreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam6:35
3."Jannat Hai Ye Zameen"Anand Raaj AnandAnand Raaj AnandKrishna Beura, Swarnalatha4:38
4."Sach Hai Sach Hai Ye"Anand Raaj AnandAnand Raaj AnandKrishna Beura4:58
5."Kya Maine Socha"ShaanShaan, BlueShaan, Blue3:28
6."Hadd Se Zyaada Sanam" (sad)Deepak SnehNaresh SharmaSonu Nigam3:09
7."Quiero"Salim BinjoriAnand–MilindViva5:09
8."Oh what a Babe!"Ajay JhingranShamir TandonSunidhi Chauhan, Shweta Shetty5:06
9."Oh what a Babe!" (Club mix)Ajay JhingranShamir TandonShweta Shetty5:14
10."Oh what a Babe!" (Techno mix)Ajay JhingranShamir TandonRitika Sahani4:59
11."Rakht"Sandip NathShamir TandonAaroh, KK, Mahesh Manjrekar5:13

Critical reception[edit]

Rediff.com stated that, "Suniel as Mohit has done a good job. Dino, as the abusive husband is very good especially when he threatens Bipasha at her home. Bipasha and Neha are competent. Sanjay is his usual deadpan till the climax. Amrita looks the hottest among the women. And though Abhishek Bachchan has only a tiny cameo in the film, he is charming."[6] Planet Bollywood rated the film 5/10, stating, "Bipasha Basu impresses in a different look and role. She plays her role conservatively. Sanjay Dutt looked old, but was still okay. Sunil Shetty and Neha Dhupia are wasted. Amrita Arora as a hoochie is convincing. Dino Morea in a new avatar is a revelation."[7] Taran Adarsh writing for Bollywood Hungama rated the film 2.5/5 and stated, "On the whole, RAKHT is appealing in parts and will therefore meet with mixed reactions from the paying public. At the box-office, the film should strike a chord with the multiplex-going viewers mainly [thanks to its classy look and city-centric treatment], but its prospects at mass-oriented cinema halls could prove to be a matter of concern.."[8]


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