Rameses Revenge

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Rameses Revenge
CWOA Rameses Revenge Logo.png
Chessington World of Adventures
Area Forbidden Kingdom area
Coordinates 51°20′56″N 0°19′07″W / 51.3489°N 0.3186°W / 51.3489; -0.3186Coordinates: 51°20′56″N 0°19′07″W / 51.3489°N 0.3186°W / 51.3489; -0.3186
Status Operating
Opening date 1995
General statistics
Attraction type Top Spin
Manufacturer Huss Rides
Height restriction 140 cm (4 ft 7 in)
Restraints Over-the-shoulder and lap bar

Rameses Revenge is a Top Spin ride at Chessington World of Adventures Resort theme park in southwest London, England, introduced in 1995. It is one of the most iconic rides in Britain,[citation needed] with it gaining a considerable cult status since opening in 1995. It was the world's first top spin ride to feature a drown-upside-down element.


Entrance to the ride in 2010, with Forbidden Kingdom theming.

Rameses Revenge was manufactured by Huss Rides, a German company who had previously made Chessington's Black Buccaneer ride. It was one of the first top spin flat rides built to feature water fountains, which spray riders at certain points in the ride cycle. Introduced in 1995,[1] Rameses Revenge was the main focus of advertising for Chessington World of Adventures Resort in that year, and was also widely featured in the British media, even being featured in its own segment by the ITV Evening News.[citation needed]

It is situated in the Egyptian themed Forbidden Kingdom area of the park.[2] Rameses Revenge was refurbished in 2007, with new settings placed onto the ride's PLC to improve ride-ability.[citation needed]

The ride is surrounded by buildings resembling a traditional Arabic market town, while the ride itself is built into a pit. The ride was re-branded with a new colour scheme and logo in 2000.[citation needed]

The ride entrance was relocated in 2015 and the queue was shortened.[3]


Rameses Revenge is one of the most successful and nationally recognized rides to have opened in Britain. Its expansive marketing campaign gained the ride the title as one of the most revolutionary flat rides of its time. The ride is responsible for the most attended year in Chessington's history, with over 2.2 million guests reportedly visiting in 1995.


  • On 23 July 2011 40 guests were trapped upside down when the ride stopped due to a technical issue, after a few seconds, the safety system activated, lowering riders to ground level. It then took a further 20 minutes to release them. 6 people were treated by emergency services for asthma and panic attacks. Subsequently the ride was closed for the rest of the year.[4]


The ride in 2010 
Water element 
The ride in 2014 

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