Ramon Torres National High School

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Ramon Torres National High School
Pambansang Mataas na Paaralang Ramon Torres
Gen. Luna St., Brgy. Balingasag,
Bago City, Negros Occidental
Type Public
Established 1947
Principal Mr. Fortunato M. Filomeno
Campus Urban

The Ramon Torres National High School (RTNHS) (Filipino: Pambansang Mataas na Paaralang Ramon Torres) is one of the 7 functioning public secondary schools of Bago City. Located in Gen. Luna St., Brgy. Balingasag, Bago City, it provides free secondary education for the people of the city and neighboring towns with focus on secondary basic education.


After almost sixty years of quality service to the public, the Ramon Torres National High School has undergone an evolution of names. It was originally named Bago Junior High School, then, Bago High School, Bago Community High School, and Bago City High School.

With the implementation of Resolution No. 1310 series of 1977 passed by the Sanguniang Panlungsod of Bago City and approved by the President of the Philippines Ferdinand E. Marcos, the school became Ramon Torres Memorial High School. The name of the school is a living legacy of its chief founder, ex-Senator Ramon Torres whose brilliant mind gave birth to the establishment of the school.

On July 1983, Ramon Torres Memorial High School was again converted by virtue of Batas Pambansa 411 entitled "An Act of Converting the Ramon Torres Memorial High School in the City of Bago, Province of Negros Occidental into a National High School to be known as the Ramon Torres National High School."

There had been changes not only in the name also in the Secondary Curriculum since the establishment of Ramon Torres National High School. The school started with the general secondary curriculum. In 1959, the general secondary (2-2) plan took effect. Department Order No. 20, s. 1973 implemented the Revised Secondary Education Curriculum in 1973 and school year 1976 marked the implementation of the New Curriculum as Department Order No. 40. This program offers one elective in the second year and two in the third year and fourth year or a total of five electives which a student has to take aside from his regular load before he can graduate.

The Secondary Education and Development Program (SEDP) or otherwise known as the National Secondary Education Curriculum was implemented in 1989, thus, school year 1991-1992 marked the end of the 1973 Revised Secondary Curriculum.

From a simple vision, the school started with a population of 244 students, 124 boys and 120 girls in the school year 1947-1948. In its Silver Jubilee, the school had reached 2,285 students.

As the school turned on its 50th year, it had a total population of 8,807 students, including its six extension schools: Dulao, Malingin, Taloc, Sagasa, Ma-ao Sugar Central and Louisiana.

The population shows that Ramon Torres National High School had grown tremendously. The Main High School has the highest enrollment with 4,619 students, Ma-ao Extension - 1,208; Louisiana - 789; Sagasa - 573; Malingin - 494; Taloc - 440; and Night Class in the Main High School - 147.

To congest the RTNHS Main as well as to minimize expenses among students residing at Barangay Dulao and Barangay Malingin, Resolution No. 1430 dated May 17, 1978 has approved and authorized the establishment of the two extension classes which started on school year 1978-1979.

In 1979, another extension schools were again established at Barangay Sagasa and Barangay Taloc. There were approximately 4,000 high school students at the Main School for school year 1980-1981 and approximately 800 of these students resides at Barangay Ma-ao Central and its neighboring barangays. Due to this, the city school administration and city government officials have decided to open an extension school at Barangay Ma-ao Central by virtue of Resolution No. 1886 series of 1980 and Resolution No. 1971 series of 1981. The RTHNS MSC Extension started its operation school year 1981-1982.

Due to the existing cost of secondary education in private schools located at Barangay Ma-ao, the Sanguniang Panlungsod, recognizing the immediate need, resolve to establish a less expensive public high school located at the Louisiana Elementary School campus effective school year 1984-1985 by virtue of Resolution No. 2562 series of 1984.

Just after the acquisition of the school site, buildings have flourished through the support and joint efforts of Hon. City Mayor Manuel Y. Torres, Hon. Congressman Edward M. Matti, PTA Officials and NGO's.

Improvements in the institutional facilities are visible under the administration of the present Principal, Miss Heidi M. Estandarte. Vehicles, intercoms and classrooms were obtained from donations of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

After sixty years of Ramon Torres National High School, the brainchild of Sen. Ramon Torres, it is now one of the best and biggest schools in Western Visayas.

Founders and Benefactors[edit]

  • Ex-Senator Ramon Torres
  • Mr. Angel Sala
  • Ex-Mayor Carlos Dreyfus
  • Ex-Mayor Luis Matti
  • Hon. Romualdo Araneta
  • Ex-Mayor Jose T. Yulo
  • Mr. Mauricio Milabo, Sr.
  • Miss Laura V. Javellana
  • Mr. Woodrow Araneta
  • Mr. Beato Dormido
  • Mr. Sotico Lamela
  • Mr. Cesar Bico
  • Dr. Maximiano Villanueva
  • Mr. Ricardo Montinola

Past and Present Administrators[edit]


  • Mr. Simplicio Arquero, Principal - 1947-1959
  • Miss Piedad S. Villanueva, Principal - 1960-1961
  • Mr. Jorge M. Martir, Teacher-in-Charge - 1961-1962
  • Mr. Alfredo Corral, Principal - 1962-1968
  • Miss Elisa T. Dreyfus, Principal - 1968-1975
  • Miss Ninfa T. Jardinico, Principal III - 1975-August 1993
  • Miss Heidi M. Estandarte, Principal IV - Sept. 1, 1993-Sept. 1, 2010
  • Dr. Portia M. Mallorca, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent/Officer-in-Charge - Sept. 2, 2010-May 2011
  • Mr. Fortunato M. Filomeno, Principal IV - May 2011 – present

Department Heads


  • Mrs. Nenita Villanueva - 1980-1990
  • Miss Rosario E. Rodrigo (OIC) - 1990
  • Mrs. Chita V. Gico - 1990-2005
  • Mrs. Merilyn M. Gonzaga - 2005-2011
  • Mrs. Gemma P. Guanzon (OIC) - 2011-2013
  • Mrs. Giselle G. Sabusap - 2013–present


  • Miss Violeta F. Pahilanga - 1980-2006
  • Miss Rosela M. Besa - 2006-2013
  • Mr. Raymund L. Santiago (OIC) - 2013-2015
  • Mrs. Gemmalyn E. Navas - 2015-present


  • Mrs. Eva P. Torres - 1980-2002
  • Mrs. Alicia E. Sigueza (OIC) - 2002
  • Mrs. Dioreta T. Trojillo - 2002–2014
  • Mrs. Felga O. Flores (OIC)- 2014-present

Science and Technology

  • Miss Heidi M. Estandarte - 1980-1984
  • Miss Olivia R. Olorga - 1984-2002
  • Mr. Fortunato M. Filomeno (OIC) - 2002
  • Mrs. Ma. Ana C. Ebon - 2002-2013
  • Miss Celma S. Dela Cruz (OIC) - 2013
  • Mrs. Lourdes V. Satera - 2013–present

Social Studies and Values Education

  • Miss Trinidad Y. Javellana - 1980-2004
  • Dr. Guadalupe L. Aldeguer - 2004-2008
  • Mrs. Virginia B. Bedia - 2008-2013
  • Mrs. Jonaida V. Gasendo - 2013-2014
  • Mrs. Judith G. Espende (Araling Panlipunan) (OIC) - 2014-present
  • Mrs. Medelyn B. Cruz (Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao) - 2014-present

Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) / Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT)

  • Mrs. Lourdes J. Balceda - 1980-2010
  • Mrs. Eleanor T. Zamora - 2010–2014
  • Mrs. Yonnie V. Makilan - 2014-present

Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)

  • Mrs. Lydia L. Matti - 1980-2000
  • Mrs. Cecilia C. Narazo - 2000-2008
  • Mrs. Agnes A. Denila - 2008–Present

Guidance Services

  • Mrs. Barbara Pat E. Mondia - 1980-1988
  • Mrs. Nora J. Flores - 1988–Present


The Ramon Torres National High School implements the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) as prescribed by the Department of Education of the Philippines.

Basic Education Curriculum
Subject Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
English Grammar 7, Philippine Literature Grammar 8, Afro-Asian Literature English and American Literature, Mythology and Folklore World Literature, Campus Journalism
Mathematics Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Geometry Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics
Science and Technology General Science Biology, Biological Science Chemistry Physics, Physical Science
Filipino Balarila, Ibong Adarna Teksto, Florante at Laura Panitikang Pilipino, Noli Me Tangere Panitikang Asyano, El Filibusterismo
Araling Panlipunan (AP) Kasaysayan at Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas Kasaysayan at Kultura ng Asya Kasaysayan at Sibilisasyon ng Daigdig Ekonomiks
Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) MAPEH 7 MAPEH 8 MAPEH 9 MAPEH 10/Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) I
Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)¹ Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Agriculture Arts, Entrepreneurship Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Agriculture Arts, Entrepreneurship optional optional
Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga (EP) EP 7 EP 8 EP 9 EP 10

¹RTNHS offers the following TLE courses in Grade 9 and Fourth Year levels: Culinary Arts, Dressmaking, Cosmetology, Nursing Arts, Related Crafts, Industrial Arts, Agriculture Arts, Entrepreneurship, Computer Education


The Ramon Torres National High School is administrated by a secondary school principal. The current administrator is Mr. Fortunato M. Filomeno with the rank of Principal IV. There are also 9 department heads for academic, support and administrative units of the institution.


  • Principal IV: Mr. Fortunato M. Filomeno

Department Heads[edit]

  • Head Teacher III, English Dept.: Mrs. Giselle G. Sabusap
  • Head Teacher IV, Mathematics Dept.: Mrs. Felga O. Flores
  • Head Teacher IV, Science and Technology Dept.: Mrs. Lourdes V. Satera
  • Head Teacher VI, Filipino Dept.: Mrs. Gemmalyn E. Navas
  • Head Teacher IV, Social Studies Dept.: Mrs. Judith G. Espende
  • Master Teacher I, Values Education Dept. Coordinator: Mrs. Medelyn B. Cruz
  • Head Teacher IV, Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health / Citizenship Advancement Training Dept.: Mrs. Yonnie V. Makilan
  • Head Teacher V, Technology and Livelihood Education Dept.: Mrs. Agnes A. Denila
  • Guidance Coordinator III: Mrs. Nora J. Flores
  • Administrative Officer IV: Mrs. Nelin D. Lupasi


The Ramon Torres National High School has 24 sections for the Grade Seven level, 23 sections for the Grade Eight, 20 sections for the Grade Nine and 18 sections in the Fourth Year. Each sections is facilitated by a Section Adviser and each year level is supervised by a Class Adviser usually assumed by the Section Adviser of the first section.