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This article is about the South Asian Royal title. For other uses, see Rana (disambiguation).
Bhim Singh, the Rana of Mewar

Rana is a Rajput title. Rana (Sanskrit: राणा; Urdu: رانا‎) is a title equivalent to monarch.[citation needed] It is used today as a self-proclaimed hereditary name in South Asia. Rani is the title for wife of a Rana or a female Monarch. Rani also applies to wife of a Raja. Compound titles include Rana Sahib, Ranaji, Rana Bahadur, and Maharana.

Royal title in India[edit]

Maharana Pratap, a Sisodia Rajput ruler

Rana was formerly used as a martial title of sovereignty by Rajput kings in India.[1]

Rana title in Pakistan[edit]

Members of many Rajput clans use Rana as hereditary title in Pakistan and their majority is Muslim. However Hindu Rajputs with this title are also there in Sindh.[2] Umerkot was a state of Hindu Rajput ruler in Pakistan.[3] In 16th century, The then Rana of Umerkot, Rana Prasad gave refuge to mughal prince Humayun and his wife Hamida Banu Begum who fled from military defeat at the hands of Sher Shah Suri and their son Akbar was born in the fort of the Rana of Umerkot.[4]


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