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Private (Non-Government)
Industry Telecom
Founded Dhaka, Bangladesh
Founder A. Rouf Chowdhury
Headquarters 117/A Old Airport Road, Bijoy Sharani, Tejgaon, Dhaka - 1215, Bangladesh
Area served
All over Bangladesh
Products PSTN Telecom
Website rankstelecom.com

RanksTel (Bengali: র‌্যাংকসটেল) is a Bangladeshi telecom company. It is the only private public switched telephone network (PSTN) operator in Bangladesh and nation's second largest PSTN operator.

Ranks Telecom Limited, a member of Rangs Group, launched its fixed line operation under the brand name of RANKSTEL on 14 April, 2005. RANKSTEL is registered with Registrar of Joint Stock Companies under Companies Act 1995 (Revised). RANKSTEL holds PSTN and ISP licenses to operate nationwide. RANKSTEL has also been awarded an International Gateway (IGW) license and currently originates and terminates international voice traffic.

RANKSTEL's physical infrastructure includes about 10 major hubs (switching and transmission) and more than 200 access nodes across the country.


On 7 June 2004 Ranks Telecom Limited, a sister concern of RANGS group first got PSTN license to operate in Chittagong, Sylhet and Dhaka periphery zone.[1]

On 13 January 2005 RANKSTEL received operational license from BTRC for Khulna and Bogra zone.[1]

The firm launched its wireless phone service under the brand name of RanksTel on April 14, 2005.[1]

On 9 September 2007, after more than two years of service, RANKSTEL received Nationwide PSTN license from Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission.[2]

On 19 March 2010 the telecom regulator (BTRC) shut down private land phone operator RanksTel for allegedly running unlicensed VoIP operations.[3] On 17 July 2011 won approval to resume operations after a 16-month shutdown.[4]

On 1 July 2012 RanksTel commercially relaunched their PSTN service.[5]

On 8 January 2017 RanksTel launched Gbps connectivity and rebrands itself with a new logo.[6]

Number plan[edit]

RanksTel uses the following numbering scheme:

+880 44 R1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8

+880 is the International subscriber dialling Code for Bangladesh

44 is the BTRC allocated code for RANKSTEL. Considering local dialling, 044 will be the general prefix

R1 is the Division wise local code for RANKSTEL

R2 is the Package identification number for the subscriber of RanksTel

R3 to R8 is Subscriber identification number for RanksTel

+880447: Dhaka Central

+880443: Chittagong

+880449: Sylhet

+880445: Bogra

+880444: Khulna

+880449: Dhaka

Data connectivity[edit]

RanksTel’s WAN facilitates the sharing of data across different regions by using a high-end MPLS (Multi-Protocol Level Switching) backbone.


RanksTel provides voice service and upgraded PSTN or PBX connection with data plans through a secured internet connection. It facilitates real-time reports on voice, data activities and manage them through the web.

Bulk SMS[edit]

System Integration[edit]

Service to mass[edit]


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