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Rashad Salim (also known as Rashad Selim, born 1957[1] in Khartoum, Sudan) is an Iraqi[2]-London based artist[3] and activist.[4]

Early life[edit]

Born in Khartoum, Sudan to a German mother and Iraqi father,[5] Salim had travelled widely before settling in Iraq in 1971. He studied graphic arts at the Institute of Fine Arts at Baghdad in 1980, soon after he moved to London to begin his studies in audio visuals at St Martin’s School of Art in 1983. During the years 1977 and 1978, Salim was a member on the Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl’s reed-boat expedition from the river Tigris to Djibouti.[5]

His work is heavily influenced by his travels and residencies, these include the cultural sphere of Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen and the United Kingdom. Salim's career involves teaching and act as an art advisor for the United Nations.[5]

He comes from an artistic family, for his uncle was late Jawad Salim, a pioneer of modern art in Iraq[5] and is a junior member of the Selim Dynasty of artists.[1] He is also a member of the Strokes of Genius project.[1]

Salim lives and works in England.[5]


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