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The Rathbone family of Liverpool, England were a family of nonconformist merchants and ship-owners who were known to engage in philanthropy and public service.

The family origins trace back to Gawsworth, near Macclesfield, where the first William Rathbone was born in 1669, as the son of Phillip Rathbone. It was his son, William Rathbone II, born on 22 May 1696, who left Gawsworth for the growing port of Liverpool, where he worked as a sawyer and established a timber business.

Notable Rathbones[edit]

Family properties[edit]

In 1788, William Rathbone IV leased the family house and estate of Greenbank, then part of the Toxteth Park estate, to serve as a country retreat for his young family, and purchased the freehold of Greenbank House in 1809, the year of his death.

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