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Ratko "Cobra" Đokić (Serbian Cyrillic: Paткo Ђокић; died 2003) was a Serbian-Swedish mob boss, a leader of the so-called "Yugo Mafia" or Yugoslavian Brotherhood, composed of Yugoslavs in Sweden. He owned a boxing gym in a suburb of Stockholm. He was assassinated [clarification needed] in May 2003.


He was born into a Serbian Orthodox, Montenegrin family, during the late 1940s in Titograd, PR Montenegro, FPR Yugoslavia. He was the maternal cousin of Baja Sekulić, another businessman involved in cigarette smuggling.[1] He was a supporter of Momir Bulatović.[citation needed]

On 4 February 1998, his close associate Dragan "Jokso" Joksović was assassinated at the Solvalla race track.[2] The hit man is a 19-year-old Finnish immigrant, hired by a formed associate Dragan "Kova" Kovač.[2] On 9 July 1998, Kova was killed with 40 bullets outside a Stockholm restaurant in broad day light.[2][3] His daughter Aleksandra married Milan Sevo,[2] a mobster dubbed the new figurehead of the Mafia after Jokso's assassination.[citation needed]

Feud with Rade Kotur[edit]

Đokić acted as a protector to Kotur's rivals, he also helped businesses removing RKC gambling machines. Kotur suspected that Đokić had earlier been involved in the shootings at the villa of Kotur.[4]


He was killed in Stockholm, at 11 a.m. Two attackers wounded him [clarification needed] fatally and he succumbed to the injuries in a hospital.[5] The murder remains unsolved.

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