Ravi Prakash Verma

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Ravi Prakash Verma
MP of Rajya Sabha for Uttar Pradesh
Assumed office
26 November 2014
Constituency Uttar Pradesh
Personal details
Born (1960-08-26) August 26, 1960 (age 57)
Kheri, Uttar Pradesh
Political party SP
Spouse(s) Anita Verma
Children 2
Residence Kheri
Website http://www.raviprakashverma.in/
As of 2006-09-17
Source: [1]

Ravi Prakash (born August 26, 1960) is an Indian politician for the Kheri (Lok Sabha constituency) in Uttar Pradesh. He is son of Late Balgovind Verma Ex. minister of Gov. of India and Mrs. Usha Verma . Ravi prakash verma is 4 times MP and currently appointed as Member of Parliament(Rajya Sabha).He worked actively with Nobel Prize Winner Mr Kailash Satyarthi . Most of people don't know he is a wildlife conservationist. He had asked maximum question as an MP in 14th Loksabha i.e 1125.


POLITICO BY DEFAULT: While most MPs were roaring up and down the aisle of the Lok Sabha, hurling insults at each other debating the cash-for-vote scam, one man grimaced watching the tamasha sitting in his North Avenue flat, Says Ravi Prakash Verma, whose family has sent MPs for 10 out of 14 Lok Sabhas: “When Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s NDA turned turtle, defeated by one vote, I had been offered Rs. 10 crore for my vote. People do not know I have rudely sent back the man who had come with the money. Becoming an MP has become a habit with the members of the late Bal Govind Verma, Ravi’s father. He (Ravi’s father) himself had been MP four times, his wife (Ravi’s mother) thrice and Ravi Prakash Verma himself is in his third consecutive term. But though his father had been a minister, Ravi Prakash Verma never went to school in a red beacon vehicle. He used to walk to and back from school. His school uniforms were never bought, rather, his once-MP mother used to stitch them for little Ravi. During his college days at Allahabad University, he like any other normal student stayed in a rented house and cooked his own meals. And even now, there hasn’t been much change in his lifestyle. Unlike politicos who appoint PAs the second day after being sworn in as MPs, Ravi has none. It is possible that if you are ring the bell at his door, his wife would open it, not some liveried servant. Most often he travels to the Parliament in the pool bus meant for members. He remains what his father was, a firm believer of socialist ideals of Acharya Narendra Dev. “I have bought no property during my tenure as MP”, he categorically told TSI (The Sunday Indian).”Yes, I have property, but that is ancestral. For a living I farm my land. Indeed, he does not think of himself as a politician, but rather an intellectual. In fact, he came into politics to stop his mother from being duped by unscrupulous people.


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