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Raymond Straw (22 May 1933, Kirk_Hallam, Ilkeston, Derbyshire – 13 May 2001, Ilkeston) was an English professional footballer.

Straw was a former Coalminer who joined Derby County in 1951 from his home town club Ilkeston Town. In season 1956-57 he scored 37 League goals which equalled the club record for the most number of goals scored in one season. The record originally being set by Jack Bowers in 1930-31. This feat helped significantly in the club winning the Third Division North Championship that season, and winning player of the season for the second time.

He is also one of the few players who appeared in all six divisions of English League Football (First, Second, Third & Third North with Derby County and Fourth and Third South with Coventry City)

Family of Raymond Straw

Raymond had only 1 brother John straw, John went on to have three children Jacqueline,Barbra and Graham straw with his wife lucy. Graham went on to play football at lower levels with Ilkeston Town F.C. the same as his uncle but never played in higher competitions, Raymond was the only person in his family and to current date who has played in a professional football league.

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