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A reading day is a day set aside by a college, university or other schools for study for final exams. It is scheduled after all the regular class lectures and before final exams. In many cases, student governments have lobbied to introduce, extend, or preserve reading days as a day exclusively for study and have run into conflict with teachers who like to use it as an additional day for lectures or exams.[1][2] Another issue is that some students may prefer to take exams on reading day in order to get the semester over with.[3][4] Some universities refer to a week of reading days as "dead week."[3] In some universities, reading days in the Fall semesters are being scheduled two days before Thanksgiving holidays [5] to extend the holiday weekend like a Spring break. However, this break is followed by the last week of classes and final examination week. Such reading days will turn out to have the opposite effect and increase the stress levels of students.

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