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Real Gold
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Product typeMerchandise
Recorded music
Print publishing
Arts spaces
CountryUnited Kingdom

Real Gold is a British music and arts brand established in London in Summer 2006.[1]

Although the brand operates across various industries including recorded music,[2] event promotion, print publishing[3][4] and merchandising,[5] Real Gold is most commonly associated with the hospitality sector, having opened The Alibi bar in Dalston,[6] Pamela bar in Haggerston,[7] Five Miles in Seven Sisters and more.[8]

There is a heavy use of cataloguing with all the brand's output very similar to that of Factory Records.


The brand was founded by Dean 'Deano Jo' Joannides.[9] The first incarnation of Real Gold was that of a DJ collective,[10] before evolving into a more focused event promotion organisation. Real Gold began creating merchandise that showcased various types of creative talent, which were labelled as 'Releases', most commonly taking the form of t-shirts, vinyl records and fanzines.[11]

With early Real Gold associates becoming known independently in their own respective careers (see Collaborators), in 2009 the brand evolved into the working alias for Deano Jo and enveloped most of his entrepreneurial work.[12]

Deano Jo was listed in The Independent's 2009 feature on 'The 15 people who will define the future of arts in Britain'[13] and profiled in Dazed & Confuzed's article on the world's most inspiring young entrepreneurs.[14]


Early members and frequent collaborators include photographer Ben Rayner,[15] creative director Ronojoy Dam,[16] art director Ben Freeman,[9] chef Gabriel Pryce,[17] artist Lewis Teague Wright[18] and many more.

Real Gold worked with musicians Adele, Florence and the Machine and Laura Marling at early stages in their careers.[19]

In 2017 they commissioned and presented 'The Best of Risky Roadz' at Rio Cinema, Dalston and The Mockingbird Cinema, Birmingham.[20]

In 2020 they presented the debut art exhibition for musician Frank Carter.[21][22]

Associated Businesses and Organisations[edit]


° Love Brother[23]
° Pamela[24]
° Sweeney[25]
° Thug Nation[26]
° Yeah Boi![27]


° The Alibi[28]
° Birthdays
° Five Miles
° Future Artefacts
° Rita's[29]


Catalogue Number Title Year
RG0001A "Halloween" T-shirt by Jack Bechtler 2006
RG0002A "Turkish Gold" T-shirt by Kate Moross and Georgia-Rose Fairman (collaboration with Young Turks)
RG0003A "We Got Your Back" T-shirt by Ted Lovett and Ben Rayner
RG0004A "Real Gs Mixtape" CD by Team Mega Mix 2007
RG0005A "Romancing The Bottle" 7 inch by The Train Chronicles
RG0006A "Waterparks" T-shirt by Jack Bechtler 2008
RG0007A Sticker Pack 1 2009
RG0008A Poster Set 1
RG0009A "Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets" T-shirt 2010
RG0010A "Real Gold Photographers' Senate - 01" Zine 2011
RG0011A "Real Gold Photographers' Senate - 02' Zine
RG0012A "Real Bold" T-Shirt designed by Nick Richie (collaboration with Bold Tendencies)
RG0013A "The Alibi Faces" T-Shirt by Ted Pearce 2012
RG0014A "Fight Back" T-Shirt
RG0015A "Mass Movement" T-Shirt (collaboration with T-Shirt Party)
RG0016A "06" T-Shirt by Lucas Donaud
RG0017A "Hatred Alone Is Immortal" (Black) T-Shirt by Dylan Hughes 2013
RG0017B "Hatred Alone Is Immortal" (White) T-Shirt by Dylan Hughes
RG0018A “Know We” T-Shirt
RG0019A James Pearson-Howes x Tim Head "Cerebus" T-Shirt 2014
RG0019B James Pearson-Howes x Tim Head "London Lad" T-Shirt
RG0019C James Pearson-Howes x Tim Head "Pink Sky" T-Shirt
RG0020A "Larger Than Life, Twice As Ugly" Zine by Louie Jenkins
RG0021A "The Alibi 5th Birthday" Zine 2015
RG0022A "Dalston Squad" Badge by Rob Whoriskey
RG0023A "X years in London" Video by Joe Ridout 2016
RGo\o "X years in London OST" Cassette Tape by Braiden (collaborative release with Off Out)
RG0024A Poundlandbandit "Memes About Ket Fiends" Zine by poundlandbandit 2017
RG0025A "The Alibi Women" T-Shirt by Ted Pearce 2018


Main Event Series[edit]


Other Event Series[edit]

° Cough / Cool
° North Angel
° Rich History
° The Golden Gloves
° The International Amalgamation of Champions


Catalogue Number Title Year
RGEVENT0001 "A Large Party" 2006
RGEVENT0002 "A Fucked Up New Year"
RGEVENT0003 "Goldtube" 2007
RGEVENT0004 "The Train Chronicles Release Show"
RGEVENT0005 "The Train Chronicles"
RGEVENT0006 "Cheeseburger Pool Party"
RGEVENT0007 "A Larger Party" 2008
RGEVENT0008 "Suedeheads"
RGEVENT0009 "Every Man For Himself" 2009
RGEVENT0010 "RIP Roger / Larry Troutman"
RGEVENT0011 "Real Gold's 3rd Birthday"
RGEVENT0012 "New Year's Eve"
RGEVENT0013 "1-800 Mega Death " 2010
RGEVENT0014 "Real Gold Photographers Senate Edition One" 2011
RGEVENT0015 "The Alibi's First Birthday"
RGEVENT0016 "Real Gold Photographers Senate Edition Two"
RGEVENT0017 "Real Bold 1"
RGEVENT0018 "Aaliyah - 10 Years Gone"
RGEVENT0019 "Real Gold - Five"
RGEVENT0020 "One Night Stand"
RGEVENT0021 "The Alibi’s 2nd Birthday" 2012
RGEVENT0022 "Magnitude"
RGEVENT0023 "6th Birthday Party - NTS Takeover"
RGEVENT0024 "6th Birthday Party"
RGEVENT0025 "The Alibi 3rd Birthday" 2013
RGEVENT0027 "The Alibi 4th Birthday" 2014
RGEVENT0028 "Real Gold Summer Jam"
RGEVENT0029 "Larger Than Life, Twice As Ugly"
RGEVENT0030 "DJ Funk"
RGEVENT0032 "The Alibi 5th Birthday" 2015
RGEVENT0033 "The Alibi 6th Birthday" 2016
RGEVENT0034 "Pammy's First Birthday"
RGEVENT0035 "Show Me The Body"
RGEVENT0036 "X years in London"
RGEVENT0037 "10 Years"
RGEVENT0038 "The Alibi 7th Birthday" 2017
RGEVENT0039 "Five Miles Launch Party"
RGEVENT0040 "The Best of Risky Roadz"
RGEVENT0041 "The Best of Risky Roadz : Birmingham"
RGEVENT0042 "PoundlandBandit - Memes About Ket Fiends"
RGEVENT0043 "The Alibi Women T-Shirt Launch Party" 2018
RGEVENT0044 "The Alibi 8th Birthday"
RGEVENT0045 "Real Gold Summer Jam"
RGEVENT0046 "REAL GOLD UK Garage Jam - Summer Block Party" 2019
RGEVENT0047 "Real Gold 15th Birthday - Next 15" 2021


Catalogue Number Title Year
RGCOLLAB0001 "Best Window" with BEST 2006
RGCOLLAB0002 "Chalk" with Chalk Club
RGCOLLAB0003 "Turkish Gold" with Young Turks
RGCOLLAB0004 "New Kids On The Yacht 1" with Young Turks & Team Mega Mix
RGCOLLAB0005 "New Kids On The Yacht 2" with Young Turks & Team Mega Mix
RGCOLLAB0006 "Louis Enchante & Friends" with Louise Enchante
RGCOLLAB0007 "Young and Lost" with Young and Lost Club
RGCOLLAB0008 "Silver and Gold" with Silverspoon Attire
RGCOLLAB0009 "Wallfly" with This Is Music 2009
RGCOLLAB0010 "Bold Tendencies 5 Launch" with Bold Tendencies 2011
RGCOLLAB0011 "Mass Movement" with T-Shirt Party 2012
RGCOLLAB0012 "Live Evil" with Live Evil Festival 2014
RGCOLLAB0013 "10 Years — Dinner" with Nike 1948 2016
RGCOLLAB0014 "Liam Hodges" with Liam Hodges 2017
RGCOLLAB0015 "Off Out" with Off Out Records
RGCOLLAB0016 "Daytime Party Fun Day Awesome Fest #2" with Five Miles 2018
RGCOLLAB0017 "Five Miles NYE" with Five Miles
RGCOLLAB0018 "Lucky 13th Birthday Dinner" with Hennessy 2019
RGCOLLAB0019 "900 Days of Chaos" with Frank Carter 2020


Catalogue Number Title Year
RGDJ0001 "Gabriel's Leaving" 2006
RGDJ0002 "Troubled Minds"
RGDJ0003 "1-800 Mega Mix Battle 1"
RGDJ0004 "Dummy Sunday"
RGDJ0005 "Socks Off"
RGDJ0006 "1-800 Mega Mix Battle 2
RGDJ0007 "Four Years Of Vice Magazine"
RGDJ0008 "Anna Su"
RGDJ0009 "Fucked Up"
RGDJ0010 "People Are Germs" 2007
RGDJ0011 "So In Love"
RGDJ0012 "The Do Club"
RGDJ0013 "Push"
RGDJ0014 "Haiti Fundraiser" 2010
RGDJ0015 "Dazed Live" 2011


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