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Real Gold is a London-based creative collective, formed in Summer 2006. The collective has been profiled in I-D magazine, Arena and The Guardian. There is a heavy use of cataloging with their releases and events very similar to that of Factory Records. Deano Jo, the founder of the collective, was listed in The Independent's 2009 feature on 'The 15 people who will define the future of arts in Britain'[1] and profiled in Dazed & Confuzed's article on the world's most inspiring young entrepreneurs.

Partial Biography[edit]

Real Gold started as DJs as an early means of promotion (the first performance being for the after-party of band Animal Collective on Saturday August 26, 2006). The collective stopped Disc Jockeying soon after appearing in Dummy Magazine's feature on London's most exciting DJs. They have since released work from graphic designer Kate Moross, photographer Ben Rayner and The Train Chronicles, published FUN Magazine, opened a pop-up store in central London with Silverspoon Attire and established various club nights. On March 3, 2010 they opened 'The Alibi', their first bar, in Dalston, East London.[2]


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