Red Lake Senior High School

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Red Lake Senior High School
Red Lake Warriors Logo.png RL
Home of the Ogichidaag & Ogichidaakwag
Hwy. 1 East
Red Lake, Minnesota 56671
United States
Coordinates 47°52′43″N 95°0′51″W / 47.87861°N 95.01417°W / 47.87861; -95.01417Coordinates: 47°52′43″N 95°0′51″W / 47.87861°N 95.01417°W / 47.87861; -95.01417
Type Public High School
Established 1936
School district Red Lake School District
Principal Ramona Gehlert
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 300+
Color(s) Red, white and black             
Mascot Ogichidaag and Ogichidaakwag

Red Lake Senior High School is a public state-funded high school in unincorporated Red Lake, in Beltrami County, northern Minnesota, USA. The high school is located on the Red Lake Indian Reservation on which members of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa (Ojibwe) Indians live, and has over 300 students. The school's mascots are the Ogichidaag and Ogichidaakwag (warriors and lady warriors). The school also hosts its own radio station, Ka-MOD (94.1 FM). The school is a part of Red Lake School District (Independent School District #38).

Public education first began in Red Lake with the formation of School District 119. In 1935 ground was broken on the construction of what is now Red Lake High School, with the doors first opening to students in 1936.

The school became well known after the 2005 shooting, receiving much attention in the media and internet.

2005 shooting[edit]

On March 21, 2005, 16-year-old Jeffrey Weise, a former student at the school, drove his grandfather's patrol vehicle to Red Lake High School. He first shot and killed the school security guard Derrick Brun, before proceeding through the school main hallway. He then entered an English classroom where he shot and killed three students and one teacher, and wounded three students. He later left the classroom and killed two students in the school main hallway. He later engaged in a brief shoot-out with police in a classroom. No officers were wounded. He then committed suicide inside a classroom by a shotgun-wound to the head.

Weise had killed seven people inside the school, and had previously murdered his grandfather and his grandfather's companion at his home.

Ojibwe culture[edit]

Red Lake High School students can sign up for Ojibwe language classes (the language is also taught in elementary and middle schools in the district) and have a chance to learn Ojibwe traditions from community elders. A culture center, opened in 2004, is furnished in Ojibwe style. Decorations include carved animal symbols of the seven clans of the Red Lake Band (bear, turtle, bullhead, mink, eagle, pine marten and kingfisher) placed on a high shelf running around the room, and the words for the four directions carved into the walls.


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