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Red Rock is a small Hamlet in the northern beaches of the Coffs Harbour coast beside the banks of the Corindi River on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, and is surrounded by National Parks. At the 2006 census, Red Rock had a population of 274 people.[1]


It is primarily a holiday village and most of the houses remain empty throughout the year except in school holidays. There is a lifesaving club, community centre, bowling club, a general store and caravan park.

Beach at Red Rock (part of the South Solitary Islands reserve)

The area has lovely beaches and the river is also good for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. The southern beach can be dangerous and isn't recommended for children, but it provides excellent fishing and great shorebreak barrels which have been mastered by the local bodyboard surfers. It is easy to cross the estuary and explore the National Park to the north.


The area was first settled in the 19th century by farmers at what is now Corindi Beach.

A plaque at Red Rock commemorating the Bloodrock Massacres

The headland is reputedly the sight of a massacre of Gumbaynngir indigenous people in the 19th century. A memorial has been erected at the base of the headland to commemorate this. Aboriginal women tend to avoid the site. The massacre began at Blackadders Creek when mounted police entered the camp. They started shooting and then pursued the survivors to the Corindi River where they continued shooting. Some people were then driven off the headland. The headland may have been named Red Rock because the river went red from the blood of the indigenous people. [2]

Sport Clubs[edit]

There are local sports clubs in the Red Rock area including;

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Coordinates: 29°58′55″S 153°13′05″E / 29.982°S 153.218°E / -29.982; 153.218