Red Tide (band)

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Red Tide
Origin Simsbury, Connecticut, United States
Genres Thrash metal, crossover thrash, Jazz metal
Years active 1992–2002
Labels Encrypted Records
Associated acts Cynic
Members Jeff Wu
Justin Foley
Ian Kauffman
Matt "Blue" Ouellette
Past members Jeff Bennett
Andy Dickins
Andre Otero

Red Tide was formed in 1992 by guitarist/vocalist Jeff Wu, bassist Jeff Bennett, and drummer Justin Foley. Originally they started out primarily as a thrash metal band. In those early high school days they released 3 demos of pure hardcore/thrash metal. Red Tide went on to play the Simsbury High School Battle of the Bands in which they won 1st place. Noted as the first "real" metal band to play the event and the first band to play their own material vs covers.

In 1995 Red Tide took a turn in their musical direction. This was the time they began to experiment with jazz and fusion. This brought the departure of Jeff Bennett and introduction of Andy Dickins on bass. The new line up began to write music with an emphasis of jazz fusion thrown in. They went on to record one demo entitled "Expressions" which showcased their new eclectic style.

In 1996 Red Tide recruited Ian Kauffman on guitars. Now making the line up a 4 piece. They continued to incorporate jazz fusion into their brand of aggressive style of metal and went into the studio to record another demo entitled "Hybrid".

In 1997 Red Tide went into the studio to record their first full length "Themes of the Cosmic Consciousness". This was a self-financed independent CD release. It gained in popularity through the help of the internet. In 1998 Andy Dickins leaves the band to pursue other interests.

Finally in 2001 Red Tide released their last effort "Type II". This included Blue on bass. Shortly after this release Red Tide disbanded in 2002.


Last known lineup[edit]

  • Jeff Bennett - Bass (1992–1995)
  • Andy Dickins - Bass (1995–1998)
  • Andre Otero - Guitar (1995 Studio Session)
  • Bryan - Guitar (1995 - 1996 Session player)