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Coordinates: 45°20′40″N 75°47′37″W / 45.344545°N 75.793476°W / 45.344545; -75.793476

Redwood is a neighbourhood located in Ottawa's west end. The boundaries of the neighbourhood is Greenbank Road to the east, Baseline Road to the south, Morrison Drive (old Ottawa-Nepean border line) to the west and Highway 417 to the north.

Its sister neighbourhoods are Qualicum, Leslie Park, and Queensway Terrace.

Residential areas and community housing[edit]

The majority of residents live in apartments and townhouses located on the east and west ends of the neighbourhood. Detached homes are closer to west side along Morrison Drive.

The development in the area started in the 1960s and continued throughout the 1970s and 1980s. There are many strips of townhouses on Baseline Road and Draper Avenue. Draper Avenue also runs into the Qualicum community.

The Qualicum Woods housing development[1] was retrofitted and refurbished over the past several years with hundreds of row houses improving the aesthetic of the area.

Qualicum Woods Crossing Condominium Development

The Qualicum Woods Crossing[2] condominium project is also underway with one building completed (the Stanley) and the others underway. The City of Ottawa recently published an amendment request to the building plan with an addition of a medical clinic/hospital.[3]

There are two high-rise condominiums called the Redwoods Retirement Residence[4] (bounded by Lisa, Draper and Greenbank) and Saxton and Birmingham Private which were built in the 1980s.


There are two schools in the area with both located next to each other on Draper Avenue:


Redwood is also home to two city parks:

  • Morrison Park - a large sports-oriented park (2 soccer fields, track, basketball courts and baseball diamond) and shared with St. Paul's High School
  • Lisa Park - a parkette with playground and outdoor wadding pool


Commercial area is located along north side of Morrison Drive parallel to Highway 417. There is business park which is home to Lee Valley Tools (2 locations, one as retail store), private college Everest College, Trane, Vertias, Legere, Starr Gymnastics and Fitness and many small offices and businesses.


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