Reflections in a Mud Puddle

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Reflections in a Mud Puddle
Studio album by Dory Previn
Released December 1971
Genre Singer-songwriter
Label United Artists
Producer Nik Venet
Dory Previn chronology
Mythical Kings and Iguanas
Reflections in a Mud Puddle
Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars [1]

Reflections in a Mud Puddle was the third solo LP by Dory Previn, released in late 1971. The second side of the original LP was entitled Taps Tremors And Time Steps (One Last Dance For My Father), and was a continuous suite of songs reflecting on her childhood experiences with a mentally ill father and its impact on her adult relationships.

Track listing[edit]

Words and music by Dory Previn, fish horns arranged by Dan Morehouse, and strings and horns arranged by Perry Botkin, Jr..

Reflections in a Mud Puddle

  1. "Doppelganger"
  2. "The New Enzyme Detergent Demise of Ali MacGraw"
  3. "The Talkative Woman and the Two Star General"
  4. "The Altruist and the Needy Case"
  5. "Play It Again, Sam"

Taps Tremors and Time Steps (One Last Dance for My Father)

  1. "The Earthquake in Los Angeles (February, 1971)"
  2. "The Final Flight of the Hindenburg (May, 1937)"
  3. "I Dance and Dance and Smile and Smile"
  4. "The Air Crash in New Jersey"
  5. "Aftershock"


  • Dory Previn – main performer, music and lyrics, vocals, and guitar
  • Steve Douglas – alto, tenor and soprano saxophone, fish horns, a&r contractor
  • Abe Most – alto and soprano saxophone
  • John and Tom Bahler, Stan Farber – backing vocals
  • Louie Shelton – banjo and guitar
  • Joe Osborn, Carol Kaye, Lyle Ritz – bass
  • Frank Capp, Paul Humphrey, Earl C. Palmer, Ron Tutt – drums
  • Dennis Budimir, David Cohen, William Keene, Don Peake, Thomas Tedesco – guitar
  • Thomas Keene – 1st piano, organ, toy piano, Ondioline, honky-tonk piano, and harpsichord
  • Perry Botkin, Jr. – 2nd honky-tonk piano
  • Mike Lang – 2nd piano
  • Gene Cipriano, Ted Nash – saxophone
  • Murray Adler, Israel Baker, Harry Bluestone, Joseph DiFiore, Jesse Ehrlich, James Getzoff, Armond and Nathan Kaproff, Raymond Kelley Jr., Lou Klass, William Kurasch, Gareth D. Nuttycombe, Nathan Rass, Sidney Sharp, Jack Shulman, Paul C. Shure, Joseph Stepansky, Gerald Vinci – strings (violin, viola, and cello)
  • Richard Nash – trombone
  • Dick Hyde - trombone and performer
  • Buck Monari, Anthony Terran – trumpet
  • Paul Hubinon – trumpet and llugelhorn
  • Nikolas Venet – producer
  • Buck Herring – sound engineering
  • Norman Seeff – photography and art direction
  • Robert Harvey – cover painting
  • Roger E. Farris – copyist

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