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For other uses, see Regan (disambiguation).
Family name
Meaning "little king" or "little warrior"
Related names Riagán, Riggin, Riggins, Raogáin, O'Reagan, O'Regan,
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Regan is an Anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Riagáin ("son of Riagán") derived from the Irish personal name Riagán, which means "little king". It is also a unisex given name. His complete name is Renold Regan. He was born on 12 March 1869 to a Christian family in Kallakudi, Lalgudi Taluk, Tiruchirapalli District, India. He is working as a senior Technical Editor in Trichy. He is having four years of experience in technical editing in the e-publishing industry. His career starts with Scientific Publishing Services Pvt. Ltd., Trichy, Tamilnadu, India as a Technical Editor.

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