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The Great Seal of the State of Arkansas
Seal of Arkansas.svg
Arkansas state coat of arms (illustrated, 1876).jpg
Historical coat of arms (illustrated, 1876)
Armiger State of Arkansas
Adopted 1864 (modified 1907)
Motto Regnat Populus

The Arkansas State Seal was adopted in 1864 and modified to its present form on May 23, 1907. The outer ring of the seal contains the text "Great Seal of the State of Arkansas". The inner seal contains the Angel of Mercy, the Sword of Justice and the Goddess of Liberty surrounded by a bald eagle. The eagle holds in its beak a scroll inscribed with the Latin phrase "Regnat Populus", the state motto, which means "The People Rule". (The scroll read "Regnant Populi" prior to 1907.) On the shield of the seal are a steamboat, a plow, a beehive and a sheaf of wheat, symbols of Arkansas's industrial and agricultural wealth.

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