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Reitter is a German occupational surname, which means a "mounted soldier" or "knight", from the Middle High German ritære ("horseman").[1] Notable people with the surname include:

  • Christian Reitter, (?–1700) and merchant from Munich that founded the Dallmayr Delicatessen deli&grocery chain
  • David Reitter, (1978-) a cognitive scientist and professor at Penn State, and creator of Aquamacs
  • Ferenc Reitter (1813–1874), a Hungarian architect and engineer
  • Edmund Reitter (1845–1920), a Moravia-born Austrian-German entomologist, writer, collector, beetle expert
  • Edmund Reitter (1904–2005), an Austrian sculptor
  • Paul Reitter, an author and professor in Germanic Languages and Literatures at Ohio State
  • Brauerei Reitter, a brand of German micro-brew [2]

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