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Reprazent is a British drum and bass act formed by Roni Size. Their debut album New Forms won the Mercury Music Prize in 1997.[1] Their follow-up album In the Møde featured artists including Rahzel, Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine and Method Man.

Roni Size resurrected Reprazent in 2008 with the release of a deluxe edition of New Forms on Universal,[2] but in September 2008 announced his intention to disband the act following a third album.[3]

Reprazent's music has been described as containing “meticulously crafted break-beats that, when slowed down, revealed themselves as hip-hop beats”.[4] The most popular track, “Brown Paper Bag”, was praised in the Guardian as a “masterpiece: an essay in hyperkinetic pace, it piles up teetering stacks of instrumental layers, their cumulative weight triggering each step in a constant cycle of demolition and reconstruction of its latticework of melody, rhythm and mood".[5]

The singles from New Forms featured the vocals of Onallee, whose call for the music in "Brown Paper Bag" is a signal that became widespread in rave culture.[6][not in citation given] The album went platinum[citation needed] and Roni Size returned to the studio to concentrate on his output for V and Full Cycle and Dope Dragon.

Reforming the band, complete with original members Dynamite MC, Onallee and the bassist Si John, alongside Yuval Gabay (Soul Coughing), D Product, Jay Wilcox and Pete Josef; Roni Size and Reprazent toured some of the biggest festivals in Europe including Bestival, Glastonbury, Lovebox (festival), Exit and Rock Herk. As a result, they were amongst the nominations for best dance act from the UK Festival Awards.[citation needed]


  • Roni Size, programming/production
  • DJ Die, programming/production (original member)
  • DJ Suv, programming/production (original member)
  • Krust, programming/production (original member)
  • Onallee, vocals (original & current member)
  • Clive Deamer, drums (original member)
  • Dynamite MC, vocals (original & current member)
  • Si John, electric bass/double bass (original & current member)
  • Rob Merrill, drums (original member)
  • Yuval Gabay, drums (current member)
  • D Product, synthesiser (current member)
  • Jay Wilcox, keyboards (current member)
  • Pete Josef, guitar (current member)



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