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Photograph from 1952, label says: "Resch's Special Export Pilsener, brewed & bottled by Tooth & C.O. Limited. Sydney, Australia"

Resch's is a brand of beer produced by Carlton and United Breweries, available in New South Wales, Australia. It was also the name of the Sydney brewing company who produced the beer brand and were based in Redfern until taken over by Tooth and Co. in 1929.


A building which was a brewery for Resch's now part of an apartment complex.

Edmund Resch was born in Westphalia in 1847 and came to Australia at the age of 16. In 1879 he opened the Lion Brewery with branches in NSW country towns. In 1892 he commenced business as a brewer in Sydney buying the Waverley Brewery in Bondi Junction. In 1900, he built a large new brewery in Waterloo and transferred the Waverley Brewery name to the new complex.[1] In 1929, Resch's was taken over by Tooth and Co, however the name lived on in the brands of beer that continued to be produced. Waverley Brewery closed in 1983, and was redeveloped into the Moore Park Gardens Apartment Development by Dealruby in the 1990s. By the 2000s Resch's DB (Double Bitter) and DA (Dinner Ale) had been phased out of production.

Current status[edit]

Carlton and United Breweries currently produces Resch's Draught for the New South Wales hotel market.[2] Resch's Pilsener are available as a bottled beer in 375ml & 750ml sizes throughout the state.

Resch's Real Bitter was discontinued in mid 2018 joining other retired varieties including Dinner Ale (DA), Smooth Black Ale, Extra Stout, Premium Lager, Premier Lager, Sydney Bitter, Double Bitter (DB) & cans

In January 2012, Carlton and United Breweries released a limited edition of Reschs Draught in 24 can cartons, using the old green and white labelling as well as the "Reschs Lion" adorning the top of each can.[3]

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