Resham Firiri

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"Resham Firiri"
Song by Sunder Shrestha,Dwarika Lal Joshi
Language Nepali
English title Silk Firiri
Released 1996
Genre Folk
Length 5:28
Label Music Nepal
Composer(s) Buddhi Pariyar

Resham Firiri (Nepali: रेशम फिरिरी) is a traditional Nepali song. People can listen to the song from street musicians who play the sarangi, a Nepali instrument and originally composed by Buddhi Pariyar.This song became most streamed song in Nepal after the release of the song and people still sing this song to this day.This song was originally sung by Sunder Shrestha and Dwarika Lal Joshi after the release in the radio this song became instant hit in Nepal.[1][2][3][4]


Resham Firiri was collected in the villages of Pokhara by Buddhi Pariyar and was recorded in Nepalese radio Radio Nepal. Buddhi Pariyar gave the lyrics of popular Nepalese singers Sunder Shrestha and Dwarika Lal Joshi who were most popular singers and Tirtha Bahadur Gandharba helped singing them. Then released in Nepal in 1996 in Nepalese local radios it became a super hit song.

Popular Culture[edit]

This song is mostly played at Kathmandu streets and in the villages of Nepal and in 2015 a film came out of Resham Filili using Resham Fiirri's title. This song has become one of the most played songs in Nepal.[5]

English Lyrics[edit]

My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind
I cannot decide whether to fly or sit on the hilltop
To the dog-it’s puppy, puppy, to the cat-it’s meow meow
Our love is-waiting at the crossroads.
One-barrelled gun, two-barrelled gun, targeted at a deer.
It’s not the deer that I am aiming at, but at my beloved.
Aeroplane in the sky, motor on the roads, If not then bullock cart.
If your heart feels the same as mine then come..
The tiny baby calf is in danger at the precipice.
I couldn`t leave, let`s go together, my love.

Track listing[edit]

1."Resham Firiri"Sunder Shrestha,Dwarika Lal Joshi5:01
Total length:5:01


  • Sarangi (violin like Nepali musical instrument)
  • Madal (Nepali traditional drum)
  • Basuri (Nepali flute)[6]


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