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Resin wicker, also known as all-weather wicker, is a kind of heavy-duty textile which is made of a synthetic resin, such as polyethylene, and woven to imitate traditional wicker.

It is manufactured predominantly for use in outdoor garden furniture. In the UK, outdoor furniture made from resin wicker is sometimes referred to as "rattan garden furniture" because the traditional rattan materials traditionally used have fallen out of fashion.[citation needed]


The term "wicker" is often use in to refer to two things: a type of material, and the method used to create it. Wicker works are generally meant to be lightweight, flexible, and durable; to achieve this, the materials used must have those properties, and the weave pattern must reinforce the structure while using as little material as possible to avoid becoming too heavy or rigid.


Historically, materials derived from plants have been used to manufacture a variety of wicker products such as baskets, trays, and both indoor and outdoor furniture. One commonly used plant material is rattan, which comes from the rotan "tree", which is actually a vine-like plant.[1] In common usage, the term rattan is sometimes used interchangeably with wicker, but in fact rattan is the name of the specific plant-based fiber often used to create the wicker work. Rattan is somewhat elastic and often used to produce baskets, hampers and chairs. The branch-like material is woven together for the purpose of constructing various wicker items.

Resin wicker is a similar looking material, by design. Polyethylene is the most common resin material used in resin wicker. Synthetic polyethylene fiber resin wicker is generally durable and resistant to stressors such as water damage, sun damage (from UV radiation), and natural decomposition.


Resin wicker is often used over an aluminum frame to create lightweight outdoor furniture.

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