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Reza Baluchi's voyages have been stopped by the US Coast Guard.

Reza Ray Baluchi (born in 1972) is an athlete and activist. His mission, according to him, is to unite and inspire countries around the world.

Early life[edit]

Baluchi grew up in Iran. He claims that his motivation to improve the lives of people came to him as a young man.[1]

Attempt to reach Bermuda[edit]

Baluchi received national media attention when he claimed that he would attempt to travel to different countries in a "Hydro Pod" bubble that he had fabricated. The locations included Miami, Florida, United States to Bermuda, from Bermuda to Puerto Rico, and back to Miami. The total trip would have been about 3,000 miles.[2] During his journey, 185 miles north of his starting point, and 80 miles off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida, a US Coast Guard crew member claimed that Baluchi was in great danger and needed to get back to shore. The USCG crew member claimed that Baluchi appeared fatigued.

On approximately April 22, 2016, Baluchi set off from Pompano Beach, Florida, United States to Bermuda again, despite an April 15 letter from the Coast Guard threatening up to 7 years imprisonment and a $40,000 fine if he were embark again on a lengthy water journey without a support boat.[3] The Coast Guard's request was in part based on the $140,000 in public funds which was spent to rescue him during his November 2014 voyage. On April 24, 2016, Baluchi was spotted by the Coast Guard approximately 7 miles off the coast of Jupiter, Florida and voluntarily gave up his quest, and the Coast Guard shot his pod. Making reza watch it as it sunk to the bottom of the ocean, losing his pod and belongings totaling up to $140,000.


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