Rhön-class tanker

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Spessart (A 1442) entering New York Harbor.jpg
Spessart entering New York Harbor
Class overview
Operators:  German Navy
In service: 1977–present
Completed: 2
Active: 2
General characteristics
Type: Replenishment tanker
Displacement: 14,169 tonnes
Installed power: 5,880 kW (7,890 hp)
Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h; 18 mph)
Capacity: 11,500 m3 (410,000 cu ft)
Complement: 42 (civilian)

The Type 704A Rhön-class tankers are a class of replenishment oilers used by the German Navy to provide underway replenishment for its ships at sea. In 2018 it was announced by the German Navy that the ships are planned to be replaced in 2025.

Ship list[edit]

Name Call
Commissioned Base
A1443 Rhön DRKM 23 September 1977 Wilhelmshaven
A1442 Spessart DRKN 5 September 1977 Kiel

Originally the ships were built for Libya as Okene (Rhön) and Okapi (Spessart). The Rhön and Spessart are small forested mountain ranges in Germany.