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Rick tha Rular is the stage name of Aleric Banks (born 1985), an American percussionist, composer and producer. He is the founder of St. Louis-based StarStrukk Productions. He may be best known for his comedy hip hop collaborations with Andy Samberg. Rick and Monique Hines wrote the music for two Saturday Night Live skits, "Like a Boss" and "Shy Ronnie",[1] which was nominated for a 2010 Emmy Award as part of the "Rihanna and Shy Ronnie" Digital Short.[1]


Prior to the creation of StarStrukk in 2008, Rick owned the company Reel-2-Real Records, which he eventually sold to his manager, Sam Heat. Rick met Monique Hines (Foxx StarStrukk) while they were both working at Macy's, and he signed her to StarStrukk in 2009.

SNL Digital Shorts[edit]

Through a connection in California, Rick submitted some music tracks to Andy Samberg's comedy troupe The Lonely Island in 2008.[1] Rick also produced and composed for the track "Like a Boss" which appeared on their first album, Incredibad. The song was developed into an Saturday Night Live Digital Short of the same name which appeared on SNL on April 4, 2009.[1]

The video featured Rihanna with Samberg who, as shy elementary school student "Shy Ronnie" performs a rap verse accompanying Rihanna's choral hook. "Shy Ronnie" aired originally on December 5, 2009.[1] In a classroom, Rihanna sings the hook on top of a hip-hop/R&B beat. As her verse completes, Shy Ronnie takes to the microphone reluctantly and almost silently, causing a very awkward situation between Rihanna and the students. Ronnie fails in multiple ways, from inaudibility to microphone feedback and peeing himself. Rihanna proclaims (still in song) that she should have paid Kanye West instead to accompany her on the song, and leaves. Immediately upon Rihanna's departure, Ronnie sheds his shy demeanor, and busts out two lines of rap clearly. Rihanna reenters because she forgot her purse—Ronnie reverts to his shy self. When Rihanna leaves again finally, the beat stops, and Ronnie continues in a cappella, though ending with a weak finish.[2]

Rihanna and Shy Ronnie later appear in another skit, attempting to rob a bank. The skit, known as "Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde".[3] SNL performers including Vanessa Bayer, Taran Killam, and Bobby Moynihan play characters in the skit, as does actor Jon Hamm.[3]



  • "Shy Ronnie", 2009 (music)
  • "Like a Boss", 2009 (composer, producer)


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