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The village of Ringmore.
The Journey's End inn.
The Church of All Hallows.

Ringmore is a village and a civil parish located on the coast of Devon, England.The population taken at the 2011 census was 208.[1]


Ringmore was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, in which it was referred to as "Reimore". Until 1908, there was a manor (or estate) located in Ringmore. Due to the absence of a lord in the manor, there are no official written records of the past of the village.

The small sandy bay located at the coast was once Ringmore's "port". From here the boats departed that went fishing for pilchards and to rescue seafarers wrecked on the rocks near Burgh Island.[2]


Ringmore is a village on the coast of Devon, England, at the head of a valley. From the village one can see Bigbury Bay and Aymore Cove. Within it are two 13th-century buildings, namely its Church of All Hallows and The Journey's End inn, previously known as The New Inn.[3]

The parish of Ringmore extends to 1,128 acres and includes at its southern boundary the shoreline hamlet of Challaborough and, to the north, a group of houses at Marwell. Most of its land is owned by the National Trust, and a large part of the village is designated as a Conservation Area. By common consent there is no street lighting and there is, from 2017, a mobile phone mast near the village (close to St Anne’s Chapel).[2]


Ringmore lies within the local government district of South Hams, wedged between Kingston to the west and Bigbury to the east. On the south it borders the sea.[4]


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Coordinates: 50°17′53″N 3°53′38″W / 50.298°N 3.894°W / 50.298; -3.894